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Estermann Field Vision test

Has anyone sat this test at all, I believe it is to do with loosing your driver's licence. The only thing is I have a lazy eye and this test is done with both eyes uncovered - all the field tests l have done so far have required one eye to be covered up - as my eyes work independently of each other how would this effect the test; anyone have any ideas.

Also thought l'd mention,l've managed to "stump" Dr.Meyer at Addenbrooke's with the latest eye issue, this is where the sight in my right eye is failing - the left eye was compromised a year ago -but at the moment its stabilsed; cross fingers/toes etc. Anyway he knows what has happened - its all tied up with me having inherited a Factor V Lieden gene - thick blood - plus poss. systemic vasculitis of the eyes and they're having a battle but why?

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Might this help you? It expalins and offers suggestions to cope with this situation if it were a problem.


Thank you PMRpro, I've just read the whole article and have "cut & pasted" the last bit about binging able to have the test again on the same day if you fail. l'm pretty sure l will fail, as l don't think l'm safe to drive anyway.


I might have had this, but can't remember very well. But I had a visual field test in the hospital, when they were trying to decide whether to give me my license back, and I'm pretty sure that it used both eyes at once. I think I had to bash a button when I saw something.

I've had single eye at a time visual field tests in opticians since. And DVLA ended up taking my license away for keeps a few years ago - just not safe to drive for other reasons, cos of my cerebral vasculitis.

If this test is what I had - sorry I don't have access to my medical notes to be sure - it was straightforward and really easy to go through. No problems at all.


Thanks for this, Viv


I find it hard to believe anyone could stump Dr Meyer!


Well there's always one and l think l'm it, he was certainly looking perplexed about it all.:Still my Mum always said "Born bloody awkward, still bloody awkward" :-)


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