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Update for the Vasculitis Patient Symposium April 18th 2015

Update for the Vasculitis Patient Symposium April 18th 2015

Vasculitis Patient Symposium 2015


Dr Neil Basu (Aberdeen)

Dr Nina Brown (Manchester)

Dr Maria Cinta Cid (Barcelona)

Dr Thomas Hauser (Zurich)

RNS Julie Ingall (Portsmouth)

Dr Rachel Jones (Cambridge)

Dr Peter Lanyon (Nottingham)

Dr Peter Merkel (Philadelphia)

Dr Nataliya Milman (Ontario)

Dr Janice Mooney (UEA)

Professor Ann Morgan (Leeds)

Dr Fiona Pearce (Nottingham)

Dr Jo Robson (Oxford)

Prof Caroline Savage (GSK)

Professor David Scott (Norwich)

Dr Louise Watson (GOSH)

Dr Richard Watts (Ipswich)

Dr David Younger (New York)


Getting a diagnosis - 'the challenge for patients and doctors'

ANCA vasculitis [Wegener's (GPA), MPA, Churg Strauss (EGPA)] - Preventing Relapse - staying well

Giant Cell Arteritis

Drugs and Side Effects

Who gets Vasculitis?

Less Common types of vasculitis - Takayasu's Arteritis, HSP, Behçet's, CNS,

Vasculitis and Neuropathy

Living and Coping with Vasculitis

Holistic and Long Term Care


Patient Experiences

"What Comes Next"

Vasculitis as a long term condition - New developments in diagnosis and treatment

A mixture of short presentations, plus parallel "workshops" on specific groups of topics (Small Vessel Vasculitis; Large Vessel Vasculitis; Less common types of Vasculitis; Ongoing care in Vasculitis)

Plus "Meet the Doctors" - panel discussions.

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Me too Jacqui!

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