Vasculitis HSP

Hi it's been almost 3 months since I got diagnose with Vaculitis HSP and the doctors said that the raw should start to go away soon but it has not! But it has been getting worst and worst and he pain is really bad that it won't let me sleep and I'm scared to take any medication for the pain like Albuprofen due to the fact that it works on the kidneys and as right now my doctors is what is most worry about and keep checking them 2 times a week! Could anyone tell me what could help? To get more sleep at night and make the pain a little less ?

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  • Can I just ask where are being seen for the HSP Mellyyy012 ? HSP in adults can be very difficult to treat. You really need to be seen by someone who knows a lot about HSP.

    Best Wishes


  • By a dermatologist at Children's Hospital in Denver Co and I'm 16 years old! And as far as I know there is no treatment for it?

  • I think you need to contact the VF in in the US Mellyyy012, this is the link. You need to talk to a lady called Joyce Kullman in the meantime you can read this link from the VUK website written by Dr Paul Brogan from Great Ormond Street Hospital in London , it might help explain things for you... you can even print it off and show your DR at the children's in Denver...

    let me know if you have problems accessing the links or contacting Joyce.

    all the best


  • I can only echo this, please do try this.

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