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Good news!

You may have read a recent post of mine regarding my local Health Board's decision to put a stop to my visits to the Vasculitis Clinic at Addenbrooke's after eighteen years. The good news is that after receiving a letter from the wonderful Dr. David Jayne the Board has overturned its decision. As usual I am extremely grateful to him and S. Stella Burns for their care.

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Brilliant! It always pays to keep trying! At least they saw the sense that paying for the occasional visit to see someone who knows what they are doing was likely to save money in the long run. Nothing like seeing someone who doesn't know enough about the problem in hand to ensure problems down the line.

After all, there have just been headlines about the money wasted in the NHS sorting out mistakes. Do the job properly to start with and you won't have to mess about trying to sort out a tangle later will you?


Wow, and well done! Of course, this is as it should be and you should never have been put in this situation be we all know the sticky brown stuff happens and we all know how lucky we are to have Dr Jayne batting for our team!

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Wonderful news :-)


Good for you howgate!

Your point about being seen by an expert to save money is so true, if my mums 'consultant ' had been any good she would have put my Mum in a simple cheap profelaxis antibiotic to stop her getting pneumonia and costing the NHS tens of thousands instead if a couple if pounds! Not to mention the suffering....


Don't get me started about prophylactic antibiotics and their non-use! Both my daughters had bad asthma in response to a certain "picture" of infections as small children - if they were given abx quickly it meant they didn't get a severe asthma attack that would mean being off school for 2 weeks. In German our GP tried a few times but every time he didn't give abx he gave up on the third day because they were deteriorating. When I returned to the UK I was told this was nonsense, the infections were viral, no abx. At least not until I had to call out the emergency cover at stupid o'clock because of a blue child who was gasping for breath - they moved fast enough then.

And now we are faced with the same with my granddaughter - except she is so bad she has ended up in resus circling the drain on several occasions and at best needs HDU for a couple of days. Plus abx because of pneumonia on 2 occasions. School? She's off more than there.



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