FILM & COMIC CON, Sunday 13th July

FILM & COMIC CON, Sunday 13th July

Just wanted to say we ( myself, Susan and Jacqui ) had a very strange experience yesterday at the Film and Comic Convention at Earls Court, where we visited the UK Ghostbusters stand. The Ghostbusters gave us a really good welcome and we had a very good day. The ghostbusters have made Vasculitis UK their chosen charity for the foreseeable future. They not only want to fundraise for Vasculitis but raise awareness too. Over 80,000 attended the film and comic con on Saturday and nearly as many again on Sunday. :-)

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  • We did indeed have a very good day. It was great to meet the UK Ghostbusters too :-)

  • Very good news indeed. Keep up the good work, as it were.

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