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Low Mood and Depression

Many diagnosed with Vasculitis seem to go through bouts of low moods or depression, even carers caring for those diagnosed with Vasculitis have low times.

Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust, has produced a guide "Improve your mood" which covers a number of different techniques to help you manage low mood and depression.

The techniques are provided under the headings of "See it", "Treat it" and "Beat it". It is recommended that you try one of these ideas as a way to start. You can then move on to try some of the others at your own pace.

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thankyou for this susan.


Thank you so much for this. My hubby has Rheumatoid Vasculitis and gets very, very down. I also get very low but don't like to be a burden on my friends and family. Thank you again.


I am pleased this has been helpful.. :-) the lady I spoke to at Manchester Mental Health and Social care was so very helpful. She also gave me some other contacts where I might be able to obtain some further information and support. I am following them up at the moment. x


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