UK's NICE Gives the Green Light to Rituximab

NICE has issued new Guidelines approving the use in the NHS of rituximab (MabThera) in treating the two most common types of ANCA vasculitis

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  • This result is a fantastic example of patients and Doctors working together. :-) Hopefully this is just another step forward to help patients with other types of Vasculitis too.

  • Absolutely fantastic! Well done John/Susan and everyone involved at Vasculitis UK.

    Obviously lots of hard work and dedication has been put into achieving this wonderful result. Hopefully the other aspects of the proposal will come to fruition in the fullness of time.

    I just wanted to say a heartfelt "Thank you" to everyone involved.

  • I would like to reiterate what Berkshire Bird has said. This is fantastic news, thank you so much to everyone involved. Hopefully this will make Rituximab more accessible to those it can help.

  • VUK hope so too, in some ways it did not go as far as they wanted but it other ways it has gone further than they wanted. BUT as you say it is one great step forward towards making Rituximab more accessible to all those who have Vasculitis. :-)

  • Without the help from all the people/patients/doctors who contributed to the application to NICE, I am not totally sure the outcome would have been so positive. So VUK would really like to thank everyone who took part in the application. I am sure there will be a full report in the Spring Newsletter. :-)

  • My consultant had such problems to allow the treatment and after my recent first two treatments, I think I am starting to feel better!! I am thrilled for everyone who in the future who may be able to have this treatment. Thank you Vasculitis UK Team!

  • I'm sure I speak for everyone in thanking everyone who has worked so tirelessly to fight this campaign and whilst this is clearly a positive step and , I'm saddened this new guidance is so limited in its scope. I do urge you all to read exactly what has been and hasn't been approved on the V-UK website ( Healthy wishes.

  • I would also like to thank everyone at VUK for making a such a good case to NICE. It obviously took hours of work, discussion, reading, and I do hope a great many of us are now going to continue to benefit from their efforts.

    It was very frightening to read that the license might be withdrawn, particularly when half way through the treatment, and knowing that it was the first drug that had made any real difference and given me back any quality of life.

    After being allergic to methotrexate, cyclophosphamide and a whole raft of antibiotics, there didn't seem a lot left to try.

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