Long term medication?

I was diagnosed with Takasayu's Arteritis six years ago today. I have been on a number of different immunosuppressants over the years and either I haven't been able to tolerate them or they haven't controlled the disease progression. When I went to the Cambridge support group meeting recently the doctor said their aim was to have people in remission within 2-3 years which seemed pretty optimistic to me! Has anyone achieved long term remission? There's also talk about 'burn out' with TAK-has anyone experienced this? I feel I might be on medication for while yet!

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    Not sure if you have read this new page on the VUK website, but it might help. It was prepared and written by Prof Mason from Hammersmith Hospital. vasculitis.org.uk/about-vas...

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  • Hi, I was diagnosed with Takayasus 50 years ago . At the time , I was told I was that , I was youngest person to have it in this country. I lived in Scotland then. Spent a long time in hospital as they didn't know too much about treatment for it. I was put on large dose of steroids, which was reduced over the years, which was eventually reduced to 5mgs. Still on that dose today. TAK is in remission for a few years now . I can't get off the 5mgs, as I've been on it so long. TAK has done the damage they tell me. I didn't really ask a lot of questions back then, but as far as I know , there was no other treatment available at the time. I do still attend hospital , but I am in remission !

  • Hi I have Tak and took me around 10 years to settle in remission. I had to find the right drug. I take methotrexate. However I do believe that as my consultant says it continues to grumble and if I came off the methotrexate I would flare. However I am not on steroids any longer. It's finding the right drug which is trial and error. Hope that helps

  • Thanks for your replies. It's great to hear that remission is possible! It does seem like it might take a while yet though.

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