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Pins and needles

My OH was diagnosed with GPA in April this year, he's nearing the end of his cyclo treatment, and he is doing really well and feels so much better than he did. A symptom he is having which is worrying him is pins and needles in his left arm and he feels like his wrist and hand is swelling. He's had tests which has ruled out carpel tunnel, I've said maybe its a trapped nerve in his neck or shoulder, but he's thinking its a GPA symptom. It's his left arm, and originally before diagnosis he was getting severe pain in his left shoulder and down his arm, left lung and left flank. Back in February the pain in his arm and chest was so severe I thought he was having a heart attack!! Does anyone else have pins and needles like this and is it part of the condition. Thank you in anticipation. Hope you all have a healthy New Year x

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I think it is highly likely to be a GPA symptom since it is listed under "common symptoms" ...

on Page 38 of the Route Map document which describes in detail all the vasculitis diseases.

Read the section on GPA,starting Page 37 ......

"Other common symptoms include:

Nerves - loss of sensation, weakness, unusual painful symptoms in the hands and feet (hotness, pins and needles or “electric shocks”) and rarely paralysis or stroke"


This link takes you straight to the GPA details without having to download and search the Route Map pdf document .. so it is more convenient ....


Thank you, I had a read of it and it sounds like what he gets, he did ask the rheumy dr and he didn't think it was related, we will get him to refer to the route map


My husband has PAN and pins & needles in his fingers and they lock. Consultant put in on Gabapentin as soon as he went on Azathiprine as the steroids started to come. Has helped but not cured it.


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