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So there's this guy walking down the street and he falls into a great big hole. A doctor walks by and the guy yells up to the doctor 'hey, I fell in this hole, can you help me out?' The doctor writes a prescription, throws it into the hole, and walks on.

A priest then walks by and the guy yells up to the priest 'father, can you help me? I fell into this hole and I can't get out'. The priest says a prayer, throws down a Bible and walks on.

And then a friend of the guy walks by and the guy yells up 'hey, buddy, I'm stuck in this hole and -' and before he can finish the friend jumps down into the hole.

'What the hell are you doing?' the guy says, 'Now we're both down here!'

'Yup', says the friend, 'But I've been down here before and I know the way out.'

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  • I like that!

  • Very Good !! :D I said something similar to a Neuro of late. I don't think he appreciated what I said. Why he takes offence?

  • I like that!

    Omega - "Why he takes offence?" because he was taught at medical school that he is a very clever person and knows far more about patient's illnesses than they do. But if he is arrogant he forgets that while he knows the theory - we know the practice. The best ones understand that.

  • Thank you for your compassionate feedback. You are so right about that.

  • We have been through a week from "hell". No answers from the doctors. No understanding from them either. What is wrong with the medicos these days. An ambulance brings a patient in at night with a rare disease and there is NO HELP. NO UNDERSTANDING. NO NOTHING. I am feeling truly down about my daughter and her future.

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