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Mixed news today from my visit to the hospital. Positive news: signs are good for my recovery. Nerve damage has now bottomed out and she is hopeful. Bloods and urine all good.

Now to keep the PAN at bay I have been told I will have to face 6 months more of chemotherapy. Because I am "off plan" for Rituximab, and my ESR and CRP markers do not mirror my neurological symptoms, and as PAN is ANCA negative it appears that Rituximab is a big fat no, and that some of symptoms are contradictory.

6 months more chemo then, but I'll take all of that over PAN any day of the week.

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I guess that's (our) life Wellsie. Some days good, some bad. I'm ANCA neg too and my Rheumy says "No" to Rituximab so, if I need "the big guns" it will be chemo too.

You seem a strong person though, judging by your comments on here. So, drag yourself up by your bootstraps and "soldier on". You've been there before; you can do it again. :-)


Am crossing all my fingers and toes for you! Your posts have really helped me hang in through the bad days, and do something positive on the good ones. Thank you.


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