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New treatment - tocilizumab

Hi. I have takayasu's arteritis and am treated at Addenbrooke's. I saw Dr Jayne yesterday and they've come to the conclusion that things are a bit out of control. I'm going to be started on tocilizumab as soon as they have secured funding. Does anyone on here have experience of this treatment for TAK or any kind of Vasculitis? Many thanks

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Trials are currently being undertaken in 100 hospitals throughout Europe on the use of TCZ for GCA. They are only being started from the end of this year.

The ARC research section has a good article on TCZ well worth reading.


A recent study (albeit with a very small sample) found Tocilizumab was significantly effective in relapsing GCA, TA, or PMR patients.

The Arthritis Research UK page on the drug can be found at

Healthy wishes


It's been considered for my cerebral vasculitis, and seems to be the option the various consultants are favouring for me if a biologic is needed.


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