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Hi have temporal arteritis along with SLE ,now seem to have osteoporosis ,tho bone density scan was good in march ,end of July ended up in hosp with crushed and broken vertebrae . Have always been positive and able to cope with whatever lupus threw at me .Now I'm scared of doing so many everyday things in case I do this again. I was only pulling a small weed out in the garden where I enjoy just pottering My husband does all the heavy work . Any tips would be helpful

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Did the hospital give you any advice Voutton when you in for the crushed and broken vertebrae ? Did you see a Physiotherapist in the weeks after your stay in hospital?



Yes John i did see physio and have been given excersises to do to strengthen the spine The osteoporosis nurse phoned and sent me out leaflets . These are all very good but the reality of day to day living is so different When you check it out on line the reality of how easy this can happen again is what I find scary . I found sites that offer certain plant based calcium supplements that supposedly strengthen the bones ,again is it a con or do they work With the NHS strapped for cash I wonder if maybe what we are given is in fact just all they can afford to give . I never exactly had a extremely active life before with lupus ,but I did manage on my good days to do so many things . Just wondered how any one else copes with this Thanks for your reply


sorry to hear that,and hope your ok,ive been told I have osteopenia,and im just wondering how often you should have the bone scans,i had one done 2 years ago


I would think that you should be getting another one now You can but show your concern and ask for another one Good luck and stay safe


Dear Vouton: I am so sorry because I have a similar diagnosis, which has occupied a good portion of my year. I know how much pain you are in. The very best therapy with the most pain relief has been aqua therapy for me. A phsysiatrist will design specific water exercises for you to do (my course was 8 weeks 3 days/week) for whatever your condition calls for. My diagnosis was. spondylolithsesis of L4-L5 and S1. I just woke one morning with excruciating pain. They gave me a round of steroids to break the pain cycle but it took me down to bed for 3 weeks. Then I began physical therapy. They gave me a TENS unit for the lower back. It did wonders for pain. I really can't say enough good things about it. I wore it for approximately 2 hours then a heating pad for 2 hours then I didn't need anything for longer and longer amounts of time. After about a week of that and exercise the pain receded. I still get aches and pains and I can no longer lift or carry any weight. Still can't vacuum. Osteoporosis doesn't get better to my knowledge. It is just a matter of its pace of progression. Half my morning is back exercises to keep the pain away and I am no Jane Fonda. Me, who was excused from gym classes in school because I was so weak and small I could not keep up with the other girls. So they made me play chess with the kids with broken arms and legs. I really don't like exercising and exercising in a pool showing every spot and wrinkle isn't very appealing either, but it is the most relieving. Just google TENS and everything you need will pop up. If I can help, don't hesitate to ask any time. I know how painful it can be.

Warm wishes and lots of strength on your journey,



Thank you for all your info I do my exercises three times a day and then I have my hot tub which my husband helps me into . I am on steroids which I am trying to reduce ,whether this has exacerbated the problem who knows. I have had water therapy before for my joints and it did help .will mention to physio if they are still one I could join I believe walking and weight bearing is best so will be trying that also Im glad you found the tens machine worked for you .I may get one and try it again. Yes it's the rate of progression I want to slow down and the feeling like I'm like a tin man frightened to move , bend forward stretch up etc .My biggest problem apart from the obvious pain is the acceptance of not being able to do things or being frightened to do them . I will google tens and see if it gives me more info Thanks again.and I'm glad you are progressing I used to go to Pilates and a cardio class which was designed for everyone's capabilities ,so hoping to get back to them .

I may ask for your advice later on Take carev


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