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Can you please advise on low phosphate & low blood pressure

Pre Ritiximab my phosphate was 1.59 & my blood pressure was 85/51, 81/63 & 90/54 too low 2 start iv) then 123/64 (ok 2 start iv). My BP went up & down during Ritiximab discharged 116/62. Then post Ritiximab call from hospital my phosphate level were low 0.46, need 2 have bloods done again. 5 days post Ritiximab my phosphate levels still low 0.55, they will contact my consultant. I still have had no contact from the hospital, keep having dizzy spells, pins & needles & very tired. I have emailed my consultants pa directly & left messages with day unit & pa. Has any1 else also had low phosphate levels? What action was taken? Thanks 4 your help & keep well. xx

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Alison, I assume you are at UHCW? If you are under Maggie Allan let me know; I have her number and direct email about somewhere.


Hi Wellsie thank u 4 your offer 2 help I am under different consultants at UHCW.


Have you had your cortisol levels (AM & PM) checked? Maybe this website might help?


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