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I have been referred to the Amyloidosis centre at the Royal Free, ( inflammation clinic ) and they have advised me to take Antibiotics to see if this will prevent another flare,The Antibiotic wasn,t specified and the Dr I saw was on holiday when my GP contacted them to see which Antibiotic they suggest I take, the outcome, no one knew which would be the right choice, so my GP prescribed Augmentim ( Amoxicillin ). I had only taken 2 when my face swelled up I had blotchy red patches on my face , and felt nauseous , headache and generally felt I had an upset stomach, I checked the enclosed leaflet ( should have read it thoroughly to start with )it states, do not take this medicine if you have had a severe allergic reaction to other Antibiotics I had given my GP a list of other Antibiotics that I was Allergic to , although she did ask if I was ok with Penicillin which I didn,t know.It also states can cause inflammation of the blood vessels ( vasculitis)and all of the above symptoms, all in all it appears I shouldn,t have been given this Antibiotic, Now I have to try and sort all this out tomorrow and hope I don,t have a flare meantime.I would like to ask other members what Antibiotics have they been prescribed for inflammation ,apart from the Prednisolone ,( as they are trying to prevent the inflammation rather than calm it down once I,ve got it,) and did they work? Many thanks.

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Hi Jack,

I don't take an antibiotic regularly but I have had short courses over the last few years to help fight infections. I think I've had Amoxicillin but I don't seem to be allergic to antibiotics so have had no problems.

I am aware that some consultants will prescibe a regular low dose antibiotic as a precautionary measure to help prevent infections when you're on immunosuppressives. But I'm not sure I've ever heard of them used to prevent a flare.

As you say, you need to talk to your GP ASAP and I imagine you'll need to stop taking the antibiotic. I think you need to go back to your consultant to ask exactly why he wants you to take them and to confirm the type and dose that you should take. Make sure he's well aware of your alergy problems with them too so that he has the full picture.

Hope this helps,



I take 1 co-trimoxazole (septrin) daily and have done for a few years, it does help with stopping infections. Ask your consultant.


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