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just had results for ct scan blood test for throid

have wg been suffering with breathlessness and fatigue have just had another round of tests blood test thyroid function ct scan ecg no thyroid problem ct scan showed some scarring in lungs even I can see there is more than last time. consultant rheumatologist said wasnt significant and that it showed my previously broken rib. I didnt even know I had one. turned over in bed a few weeks ago and thought I had pulled a muscle guess it was a rib I bust.. now being referred to heart specialist. my liver functions are still shot up to 655 at one point normal level i think should be 30-50 Feeling quite sorry for myself. been at hospital 6 times inlast 3 weeks

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Not a lot I can say, really, kath, but wanted you to know someone was reading your message and sympathising! It can't be easy, going through what you are going through at the moment.

Just a thought about your broken rib - could be that your bones are fragile because of taking steroids. I presume you are regularly scanned for osteoporosis? Not sure what to make of the poor LFT results. What is your consultant saying about this? Is your immunosuppressant drug the cause?

Let us know how things go and i hope things improve very soon!



haven 't had a bone scan for over 3 years so need to ask. consultant just shrugs and says I dont really have musch choice as if I decrease med the wg will flair and back to square one. i dont think they thought I would pull through as diagnosis and treatment started within 2hrs


If you would like to send John a private message or email him you could discuss your problems .. His email address is

Best wishes



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