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Feeling sorry for myself

I'm having a really bad time at the moment my feet are so painful. I feel like I'm falling I have to keep holding on to steady myself I also feel like my feet are slipping all the time. My left hand (I'm left handed ) is also painful and I can't do silly little things like clean my teeth, do up buttons, I'm feeling pretty down about this cause I'm really trying to keep my job as long as poss but I'm struggling :-(

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Hi timba,

So sorry you're feeling a little "down in the dumps".

I must say I have not had the symptoms you speak of myself but believe me I've had plenty of others! When you feel like this it does seem like there is no end to it but there IS light at the end of the tunnel.

I had to leave work because I could barely get out of bed in the early stages. I very much believe you have to be kind to yourself (no stress, no pushing yourself, beyond what you can easily do). Giving your body the space to recover is vital. Rest as much as possible. Believe me, the world will still carry on turning! Yes, it takes time (years in my case) but gaining stability in Vasculitis cannot be rushed.

Please know there are many of us, like yourself, who are/have suffered greatly with this disease and you are not alone. I'm sure others will attest to that.

We're all part of the same Vasculitis community here and we've all been where you are today.

Keep strong! :-)


Thank you for your kind words. I have had vasculitis for a number of years but this is the worst I have felt I am determined to keep going I am a community nurse and love my job I am not defeated yet


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