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Should we be totally honest in declaring all the symptoms of our condition when applying for travel insurance?

i have been trying to obtain an affordable quote for travel insurance to cover a visit to my daughter in the USA. I have tried several insurance companies, including the ones recommended on this site but, if I declare every single symptom in response to their questions, the quotes are vey high - well exceeding the cost of travel.

Somehow the insurance companies cannot separate 'normal' states such as high blood pressure (occuring pre vasculitis and because of getting older) from those associated with our disease. Neither do they seem able to accept vasculitis having an effect on the kidneys, and the fact that you see a renal specialist appears to confirm their belief that you have two diseases, kidney problems and vasculitis.

It is tempting not to declare everything but is this too risky?

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By not declaring EVERYTHING you will just be throwing your money down the drain. If you need to claim they will go through everything with a fine toothcomb and if they find anything which means they don't have to pay out then they most certainly won't pay out. People have been caught out when they think they have declared everything but the insurance company has found something when the claim has been made.

Just my opinion. Patricia


Hi Ayla,

Pat is right If anything happened while you were away the insurance company would not pay out.

Your only choices unfortunately are to go without insurance or pay through the nose. I went to the USA last year for a month and the insurance cost was £ 1100. I opted to pay as health coste in the uSA are astronomically high.

Good luck whatever you decide



You could try Virgin...we have had one or two people with WG use Virgin. But I agree with Pat and Paul you do take a risk if you don't declare everything. Good Luck Susan


Have just contacted Virgin and whoopee! A great deal at a low price (£190 for 86 days in the US!). No problems with any of my declared problems, they even included kidney damage in the vasculitis category because it was caused by the vasculitis. I am grateful for all your advice. Thanks, everyone!


I thought they might but was not a 100% sure have a great time in the USA...make sure you take all your medication and some over...and split it into 2 seperate packs in 2 seperate bags of luggage. Also take a small pack to travel with...

Take your consultants telephone number so you can contact him at any time for advice.

Good luck xx


Good to have the name, address and phone contact of ALL of your doctors and dentists.. Also the Chemist (pharmacy) name and number. If there is any problem, you will zip right into good health care. =)


Thank you, John and Susan. Good advice that I will be sure to follow.



I totally agree you must be honest, another good insurance is STAY SURE who i go with and i find them very reasonable,



You must be honest and tell them everything. A lot of insurance companies however, will NOT cover pre existing conditions.

As for Medications, I have been told to take mine ALL hand luggage which I now do. Most airlines will allow you an extra hand luggage bag if it is for medical reasons.


Having an insurance background, I do know that if the insurance company asks a direct question, you have to answer it. The answer depends on if it was ever a diagnosis. Anyone who thinks that they can hide it is wrong. The insurance company can look up your records or deny you coverage if blocked from doing so. They are pretty thoral when it comes to paying out claims. Again, it's all in the diagnosis. Good luck in finding a good insurance policy. =)


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