Enfield family spreads word about son's rare condition 'They were preparing us for the worst'

A trainee doctor spotted a rash beginning to develop and realised the 19-year-old Capel Manor College student was suffering from chronic vasculitis – in which blood vessels become inflamed and the immune system starts to attack itself.


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  • Congratulations to the trainee doctor.

    Re the newspaper article. I have had sinus problems all of my life. So much so that it is the normal for me and becomes something I dont mention. Coincidental?

  • He just lives 10 minutes away from me! i will contact him :-)

  • Feel free to contact us. The restaurant us not grad to miss if you know grange park


  • Grad = hard

  • I was raised not far from there and know it well! Hope he gets 'better'!

    Best wishes