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"The spoon theory" - a must read!

Not sure if this has even been shared on here or not - but I came across it on one of the Vasculitis FB page and really enjoyed reading it. Christine really did a great job of summing up what its like to live with this illness, or any illness for that matter...

Hope it helps you like it helped me....

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Thank you for that - it almost made me cry but I smiled at the end. Living with WG is something I am struggling with, as I used to be so active and not being able to do what I used to do is so frustrating! Thank you for sharing this article.

This website is great as it helps you realise that you are not alone and that other people know how you feel. The sun is shining - hope everyone has a good day.


I had the same reaction! Teared up a little towards the end but ended with a smile! Living with WG also but definitely getting better at handling it! I have been lucky and I have been able to get back to my old active self. Not quite 100%...or even 85% I'd say but you learn to adapt after a while! I hope things in prove for you soon as they did for me! Hope you have a great day countrylady...and an even better month and an even healthier year!


Thank you so much. I hope by reading this family and friends will be able to at least try to understand what living with WG is like. I'm off out into the sun. Enjoy the weekend everyone!


Should be compulsory reading! Well done indeed.



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