The only one? :(

I seriously can't be the only one having this issue of the really deep, hacky, sounds-like-you -smoke-three-packs-of-cigarettes-a-day-for-30-years-when-you-ve-never-smoked-a-day-in-your-life, feels-like-youre-getting-punched-in-the-side-by-mohammad ali ,cough :( hell, it was so bad at one point, i could barely make it the 60 feet from my bed to the toilet and back :P its been a freaking month of this sh*t now, i was pretty much over it the middle of last week, but then i went to my brothers house and helped them move to their new house and his girlfriend has the same cough(of freaking course not as bad as me, FML) so OF COURSE i had to catch it from her and now i have the very thing that i literally just got over not even maybe 6 days ago. and if that werent bad enough for you, my mom has an infection that isnt going away, so she may have to go to the hospital (hell she will PROLLY end up in the hospital, theres no MAY about it) so i guess( if i can manage to get away from my mom) my plan is to get this cough sh*t checked out ( for you newbies, a quick briefing,one of the docs i had when i was 13 looked at my history and back then i had an aunt that had asthma and long story short she died of asthma and that doctor diagnosed me with asthma, but that was back in the day when electronic medical records werent as mainstream as they are now, so i guess that tidbit of medical info got lost in the transfer, so now i have to get re-diagnosed :P) Oh and ive tried EVERYTHING under the F**king sun and this F**king cough is STILL here and NOT GOING ANYWHERE :P hell ive even tried using the blue inhaler the CNP gave me and it didnt even work(well not more than like 5 minutes so :P ) so yeah thats whats gong on in my life right now, and im sorry this is such a LONG ass post :P thanks for reading it tho :) <3

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  • You are not the only one. But you will need a lot more medication than what you are on it sounds like. Find a good pulmonologist in a major medical center. Make sure to wear a mask when exposed to hospitals. Have somebody check your immunoglobulins.

  • what are immunoglobulins?

  • It's your immune system. I had extremely low immune system and that is why I was getting one infection after another.

  • Thats why ive had this nasty ass cough and cant breathe shit for pretty much all summer :( >:( this year,idk why, i keep getting brochitis Over and over... this is like the third time :( im having the CNP (Nurse Practitioner) check them in september when i go in ... thats what its gotta be... idk what else it could be...

  • Ahhh I get that cough every winter that sucks! I always end up in bed with my heating pad, netflix, and tea. Hope you find something that works for you! And if you find anything good, let me know :)

  • For me, it started with a nasty cold, and the cough didn't go away for 14 months (with 8 solid months of day and night dry, hacking, coughing). Went to the doctor, she prescribed cough meds, inhalers, prednisone. She didn't want to put me on antibiotics but eventually did but that didn't help. I also had shortness of breath. I had a spirometry test which indicated i did not have asthma. I coughed til i thought i was cracking ribs, my chest and sides hurt quite badly. It got to the point i was literally choking, tears streaming down my face, gasping for air. What a scary feeling to not be able to get any air in. They thought it was maybe post nasal drip. I took it upon myself to make an appointment with an ENT because i needed answers. She scoped me and saw i had a vocal cord dysfunction and GERD. Reflux can aggravate the cords. I was put on omeprazole to start and needed treatment from a speech and language pathologist for the vocal cords. Still short of breath, about 5 months later, i was given a methacoline test which showed i actually did have asthma too. Many people with asthma also have a vocal cord disorder called paradoxical vocal fold movement. Symptoms can be similar so it's hard to diagnose. With asthma, the weeze is on the way out. With PVFM, the weeze is on the way in. And asthma inhalers will not help this disorder. Just something to explore. If you were to do anything, you may want to start with omeprazole and stay hydrated to see if it helps the cough, and make an appointment with an ENT. Good luck.

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