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Asthma gets passed down by the Neanderthals


I read that asthma and allergy came from a genetic defect passed down to us from the Neanderthals. I did Ancestry and as it turns out my origins are from the Iberian peninsula and France where the Neanderthals originate. I do believe it’s genetics. Did your mom, dad an aunt or cousin have asthma? You will find that you share that gene. Our only hope is that they develope more immuno suppressant drugs that will work. I’m on Dupixent and it doesn’t work for me, it does work for 1 out of 3. I’m gonna try Fasenra because it doesn’t contain enosinaphils they say Dupixent does. Good luck everyone.Excema and asthma are definitely connected.

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I'm the only one in my family with asthma. My brother has hay fever but I have a lot of allergies.

He may still develope it. I hope not but Hay fever is an allergy. Have you ever read I’ve developed asthma in my fifties?

No, I didn't realize that you developed it at that age! I have had reactive Airway Disease since I was 6 months old and I was diagnosed with asthma in middle school. I'm now 52 years old.

Wishing they had kept it to themselves and not passed it on

Me too

Hi. I'm new to the community. My son and I both have eczema, uncontrolled allergic asthma and food allergies/intolerances. My son is just over 2 yrs old and I've been able to help his eczema stay clear by his diet and figuring out what his triggers are. We both have really reactive contact dermatitis. We had a mold explosion in our home and our previously controlled asthma turned into uncontrolled. We have both continued to worsen. Drs now call it the eczema trifecta because you weren't guaranteed to get asthma and food/environmental allergies with an eczema diagnosis yrs ago. Now it's basically a given that you will have all three.

I’m so sorry. Ive had asthma since I was one. I remember my parents having a real hard time, so I feel for you. But if you have mold inside the wood work where you can’t see it, you need to move. Some homes get moisture because the house sits on wet ground. I know this is not what you want to hear but at least you know. I suggest you hire an indoor environmental expert to tell you how to deal with it. You know there exists a meter that you can point to a suspect wall and it will register mold readings. My building has it because it’s illegal to have mold. And machines that clean the air for the smallest particles. Hope this helps, Good luck to u and your little boy

Thank you beekeeping babe. Sorry that you had asthma starting at a young age. We moved out of our home months ago. It's 102 yrs old and I knew we had a mold problem. I had the ac duct cleaned and a uv light install in the a/c unit because the evaporater coil had mold on it, it cut out, cleaned and reinstalled. My husband had the idea he could fix it all on his own. He didn't seal off room by room and didn't use an airscrubber. We can't afford to hire anyone to do take care of the mold issue and my son and I are extremely sensitized to mold, even dead mold.

We had a mold company come in and they didn't find most of the mold. I did when. My hubby has recently tore out the entire bathroom floor to the point that you see nothing but the ground. And he didn't seal it off. The realtor said we can't list it without a bathroom. So our house is open to the elements and snakes, wild animals, etc. I asked him to close the door and seal it. He hasn't done it. We moved to our inlaws and we had mold, but the have mold and so many other allergens/triggers. I'm struggling to wash laundry. The water here causes my son and I to have asthma attacks, so there is something in the well that isn't good. We both do much better away from where we are living now. My husband doesn't get it at all. I've explained the reasons we need to move, but he gets it one day and the next day he goes back into denial.

Sooo sorry. Your husband doesn’t get it because he doesn’t suffer from lack of breath. Where do you live? Near a city, in the woods? I live in nyc in a skyscraper, and still things get to me. My dog is as hypo allergenic as a dog can get but my doctor swears that my Excema is still exacerbated by him. He’s 17 now so after he passes we’ll see if I feel better. In your case, you must get out because your little boy can suffer permanent damage to his lungs, scarring, which I have. Can you sublet a place nearby just to give your lungs a break? Then maybe your husband can do the work on weekends. Good luck let me know how you do.

I have had eczema since I was 6 months old, asthma now with COPD , fish anaphylaxis, about 6 years with summer hay fever,and have a current sky high IgE . 23 and me reports that I have 85% more Neanderthal genes than others in their gene base. Sure I didn't get the Neanderthal genetic material for height just the "less likely to not sneeze eating dark chocolate". Huh? And I guess now the whole allergic spectrum.

Agreisz in reply to patmc1

I definitely know how you feel! I've been having reactions to foods since I turned 40 and now the foods have been causing anaphylactic reactions. Besides soy I've not had reactions to foods until the past yr. We changed our diet and a slew of other things and the eczema is controlled well for my son. We both have a sulfite intolerance too. Chocolate isn't our friend, even the Enjoy Life brand and other top allergen free ones. We both itch from it. The eczema is under control, the allergic asthma is not. When we changed our diet it helped with with what I thought were my allergies, except my nose doesn't stay stuffy or runny nonstop like it use to. My son and I used full spectrum cbd for 5 to 6 weeks and it helped with our environmental allergies. Thank for replying and I your allergies improve! 😊

patmc1 in reply to Agreisz

Thank you --the eczema has mysteriously almost vanished over the last 20 months for the first time since I was a baby (5 years of probiotics ?kicking in)

Agreisz in reply to patmc1

Congratulations! That's wonderful. Def could've been probiotics.

There is something called an atopy triad, whereby asthma, eczema, and has fever are related. There is also a genetic predisposition to get it if your parent(s) have one of the above. In my family both patents1 have eczema, I have asthma, brother eczema, and sister has a combination of the two.


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My mom finally told us she had weeping eczema as a child. My daughter (she's 15) and I had it mildly and we both had mild asthma. Since having my son, who is just over 2yrs old my eczema/contact dermatitis has become worse and my sons eczema was head to to toe after his 1st flare. His asthma and mine are still uncontrolled. I have no doubt that the made it worse and now mold and other allergens are sensitizing us even more.

And yes, they call it the atopic march, atopic triad.

My dad's s side of the family has asthma.

Agreisz in reply to Sweetie30

I don't know of any other relatives that have asthma. But my parents smoked in the car, house and every where around me when I was growing up.

My dad smoked around me too. My mother is still furious about it with him

Not me. No one else in my family has asthma—not even distant relatives.

i think it can skip a generation, but I truly believe it’s there. Genetics are everything

During mine and my sons attacks even the severe ones our oxygen level stays almost normal. I do understand why it can do that from researching. Does this happen to anyone else? And smells start attacks too. My throat closes up some, my chest, shoulders, neck gets tight. I feel dizzy, light headed, sometimes nauseous. Anymore I can smell everything.

It not a total explanation for asthma as mine isn’t allergy driven. It’s a non/allergic, non cortosoid med that finally got my asthma under control. It relieves bronchospasms.

I respond really well to Ventolin according to my PCP. since I went on that new med I rarely have to use Duoneb. I used to have to use it three times a day or more.

No allergies in parents, grandparents, aunt, uncle or five cousins.

I probably also have Neanderthal genes as all my roots are European—German, Dutch, Celtic.

No eczema anywhere in my family either. Asthma is a complex disease with multiple types and causes. I’m sure Neanderthals contributed but it’s not the whole story.

I've heard this too but I wouldn't put a huge amount of stock in it. I'm a lifelong asthmatic and my DNA shows almost no Neanderthal.

Also, Neanderthal DNA is detected by looking for certain genetic markers. You having Iberian roots makes it no more or less likely to have Neanderthal than any other European. The Neanderthals lived all over Europe and the Middle East, the Iberian peninsula is simply where it is speculated that the last Neanderthals lived.

My family has suffered from rare skin disorders, exzema and asthma for decades. I have ancestors from France. Some of them did not expect to live past 24 (and didn't) because of asthma. One of my relatives was lucky enough to have a doctor in 1982 who determined that food allergies are a link to skin disorders. Since then, some of us have followed a very strict rotation/elimination diet and cured the skin disorders. Now I have seen on TV about eosinophils. I went to my primary doc who had put me on nebulizer/albuterol treatments, and asked about eosinophils. I tested positive and will have to go to a pulmologist to get treatment. Just FYI....I have been going to an Allergy and Asthma clinic for over a year! None of the treatments were working.

me too, nothing is working

Well if you have Eosinophilic Asthma of course you want to stay away from Eosinophils. I'm starting Nucala soon to fight eAsthma. It also can treat Sinusitis with Polyps. One stone, many birds.

How is Nucala .. it is working for you?.. tell s something about it..

FarmerBob in reply to Asma0811

If you are talking me? I'm still waiting. My Drs office says it takes a long time to get the paperwork approved, although they have never had anyone denied. That's once they let me sign it after we had to have a "Come to Jesus" meeting about what I was told and what they were doing. In the meantime, they changed me to Symbicort when I told them that Pulmicort was really ripping up my mouth and throat. Well after 3 doses it nearly killed me. Have been spending the time since trying to recover. When I saw them to sign the Nucala paperwork, I was in great shape. But they told me I had to be on an inhaled steroid already since it was part of the "qualifications" to get the Nucala. I read in GSK's incredible "Nucala Gateway", that Nucala may decrease or end oral steroid usage, if you were using one. What?! I thought the point of Nucala was indicated when conventional meds don't work and Eosinophil levels were higher than normal. Normal is 0 - 0.4. Mine were 1.0 at "the deciding blood test" before the "deciding" PFT.

So I have been basically bedridden since the Symbicort exposure. And I was doing so well after not going back on the Pulmicort after having to stop it for a PFT. When I told them that, I thought my Dr was going to convulse. So they may not know the term "Pump & Dump", but they're doing it . . .

Once I get on the Nucala, which was suppose to be last June saving my Summer and allowing me to get my life back together, but they took their time, as I kinda did when I started taking Adderall and everything went away, I'll let you know. Come to find out Adderall was originally intended to be an Asthma drug for its creator. I was forced into a hiatus with it and when I started back up, it no longer took care of the Asthma aspect. Took the time to do my own trial thinking I wouldn't need the Nucala, but that failed. I'll letcha know what happens. BUT AZ's version, can't think of the name right now even though there is a commercial for it on every 5 seconds (the reason for the Adderall) is kicking butt passing final trials on symptoms that I also have with possible Eosinophilic Esophogitis. So I guess you can says "there's a fallback"?

UPDATE (09/12/19):

I got a phone call from the Nucala people on Wednesday. Scared the Hell out of me. I wasn't home and they left a voicemail which I get eMailed to me. I checked my eMail and listened to the VM. It sounded a bit ominous so I freaked and really didn't catch the tail end. So I ran home to return the call and wasn't able to talk to the caller, but got another Rep. He was very nice and said he would check "My Account", surprised me, and said that I was approved and needed to get with Dr to get the rest of the process going and that they are there if I have any questions and told me about the "Gateway". "WOW!"

I did have a couple questions that he couldn't answer and connected me with a Nurse that would be able to answer more involved questions. She really couldn't because I was asking good medical questions that had a bit of a liability factor to them and about Fessenra and how they just got approved on their third round tests for Eosinophilic Esophogitis, that although my Dr in the second appt report said I didn't have. But I must from years of Acid Reflux and the two major "Omeprisole rebound" attacks that I had last October, after doing so well, that started this latest round. The medical description of the condition detailed everything I have been through as the basic cause. So even though she couldn't really say anything, I did get her to say that the drug will deal with the "over abundance" of Eosinophils in the "body", thus the need for all the inoculations prior to. So I'm thinking that it'll take care of the Sinus, Throat and Lung issues. Fingers Crossed.

I'm waiting until Monday-Tuesday for the Drs office to call. If they don't, I'll call my buddy that gave me her personal number that said that she'd keep her eye on me and see why it wasn't the Drs office that called instead of the drug manufacturer. Since I'm giving them a "second chance", they are walking on egg shells and being so perfect. In their eyes . . .

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