Pain medication for prostate cancer that has spread only to the bones. Is opiate pain medication always necessary?


My brother is on oxycontin for pain medication. I believe at this time he is addicted and I also believe that his pain level does not warrant oxycontin. Everyone assumes that because the cancer has spread that he needs this medicine. At one time he did, got palliative radiation and that greatly reduced his pain level He is on Xtandi now and it is working so far. Let me add that he does not want tylenol, nsaids, pain patches or anything of that ilk; he just wants oxycontin and when he can get it, oxycodone.

I would love to hear from anyone who has avoided opiates for pain relief, and what they use instead. Thanks,

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  • Along with addiction comes constipation. That will make him unhappy. That calls for more medication to relieve that. If meds don't work then colon gets impacted. Maybe go over that and he may look at his pain in another light.

  • Thanks for your reply.

    Hi, I have been through that with him and he does suffer the pain of constipation. I have also told him that he could end up, and almost did, with a 'bag'. I am convinced that his need for opiates is not based in any significant pain, and I am looking for alternatives to opiates.

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    Look for someone running "pain clinic " mostly anesthesiologist. Will help you by destroying pain nerves. Ablation therapy.

  • I had not thought about that. Thanks very much. I will ask his oncologist.

  • Hope you find someone

  • I have heard of using Ketamine infusions to "reset" pain receptors. I have not done any research on the topic, but you may want to do a search and see what comes up.

  • Thanks, I will look it up.