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Understanding Clinical Trials
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Whole in One

I am 62 and for the last 6 years have had 3 holes in my neck with no trauma. The doctors have deemed me delusions of parapsychosis which is so far from the truth. I have been healthy my whole life with no major health issues. The hole I have now I've had for a year. I have watched and can say that whatever is going on it has evolved. This I'll call it organism is a living, breathing, moving, single cell organism and antibiotic resistant. Can anyone help me, this has changed my whole life to the point that I don't go out and have either pushed friends away or they don't want to be around me for fear of getting sick as well. I am willing to devote 100% of my time to find out the cause. I believe that I contracted this from a vacant lot in Sonoma county where the owners are in the business of Bio Hazard Waste Landfill.

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