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NCT02478125 - for prostate cancer metatstses

This was at Johns Hopkins just last week. I went down for a screening interview, which was wonderful, and the whole experience was fantastic. Unfortunately, I was too healthy for the trial, so I have to at least wait.

I characterize it as an "off label" use of a pretty standard procedure: essentially apheresis, as they do to the donor in a stem cell transplant. But if this is done on a person with bone mets from prostate cancer, the hope is that it will mobilize the cancer cells and so reduce the amount of cancer that remains in the bones.

The one glitch is that they do not actually even remove the blood from your body. They feel that they hav evidence that getting it out of the bone is sufficient. This is a phase 0/1 trial.

Contact info at: clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show...

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A prelim ct and t99 scan get charged to you, so best if you have medicare and supp plan f, or some such. Also best if you live in Baltimore or DC, or similar. Possible commute from NYC, if you are confortable with that. do call the on the phone if you are interested - to Carolyn.


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