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Can post transplant patients have a tattoo ?


Hi everyone , iv joined to simply ask one question, in 2010 I had a kidney transplant and have had no problems since. My mother gave me my kidney so therefore a brilliant match. I want a tattoo in remembrance of my second chance to a new life and the birth of my daughter which I was told by doctors my a perm would deteriorate. People have said in other forums that as long as its done by a licensed tattooist

(Shop) and looked after carefully it should be fine. Can someone please give me a straight up answer to wether I can have one or not?

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If its been that long you should be fine, when I asked my consultant if I could get one done, had my transplant in June 2012, he said it should be fine as long as I go to a proper, well established shop with good hygiene. Hope this helps.

Joe36 in reply to 2012kowboy

June 2012 when I got my kidney

Thanks 2012kowboy and andy this has helped a lot , the work il be getting done will be by a licensed shop and of course il look after it , the shop

Has said they need a note or letter of some sort of the hospital gp or doctor just to state like its ok to have a tattoo done do you think the hospital would give me a note ?

Ms21785 in reply to Spencer93

I been trying to find out the same question I got my transplant in 2012 and would like a tattoo how did it work out for you

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