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Are renal departments doing enough for patients before and after dialysis treatment?

Are renal departments doing enough for patients before and after dialysis treatment?

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Im soo glad i attend kings in london they explain so much are still remain completely professional even about meds and complications


The Royal Free renal team are extremely professional. Without their care and attention, I doubt I would be around to be able to play a part in promoting the best care for all patients.

What is talked about in the articles in this Newsletter is what other services kidney patients need apart from their treatment. And that applies to all patients throughout the country,


I ve just been told that because of my kidney didease i will eventually need dialysis and eventually a kidney transplant . There is no specific time scale on this i presume i just carry on and try and keep my kidneys functioning for as long as possible as the thought og dialysis fills me with dread at the moment although im sure i will cope when the time comes . But any how my point is i had a liver transplant twelve years ago and i am and have always been under the care of Kings . They are without a doubt the reason i am still hear today . Theybrilliant at what they doand manage to do it in a calm and understated manor and i have always found them to be so approachable about anything queiries, problems or advice i may of needed . I have just recently become a patient with thw southmead bristol renal team and have to say I have found them very helpful and informative so far also .


ps sorry about the grammar folks i think my keyboardm is on its way out .


That's great to hear that your experiences have been good. The fact that you have had your experience with a liver transplant and however you suffered before your transplant, should have put you in good stead for anything that may happen regarding your kidney problems. The renal team will no doubt give you good advice as to how to prolong the life of your kidneys. As a long standing transplant patient already, you are likely to take things in your stride. Be positive. There is great advice, help and care available

It is fantastic that there is technology to keep us all alive for as long as possible. A big thank you to everyone who works in renal and looks after us..