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Hair loss



I was wondering if anyone else has this problem for the last month am losing a lot of hair and it’s getting thinner and thinner I talked to the kidney team and they said quite common it’s a side affect should calm down in few months.

Was just seeing really anyone had this and did it stop or was it a long term thing?

Find any think that helped at all?

Many thanks


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I started using biotin shampoo, and also take my one a day vitamins which does include biotin. Just the top of my hair was thinning and it might’ve slow down but it’s from the medication and the fact the body is recovering from the transplant. I’m trying not to stress because I’m sure that would make it worse. Hope that helps.

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Thank you I will have a look at the shampoo you mentioned, yea I’m sure me stressing about it makes it worse and touching it all the time.

Hi there.

After four months of transplant, I started loosing alot of hair. It was highly upsetting to the point I couldn't wash my hair anymore or brush it. They came off in clumps and it would clog the drain. My hair was everywhere from my clothes to the pillow I used. My hair loss was from tacrolimus and since that was the only immunosuppresant that I could tolerate, I had to wait it out. The hair loss eventually slowed down for me after 8 months of losing it.

First, I was recommended Biotin but it didnt seem to do much. Then, I used Nioxin shampoo and conditioner (I think level 2-- something with thinning hair). I think it made it better but since I was loosing so much, it was hard to tell. I started balding slightly at the top of my head...but you do grow your hair back eventually. It was much finer and weaker than my previous thick black hair (I'm a female and 25 at the time) which made it seem like I didnt have much hair. It does get better tho. Now, after 8 years post transplant, my hair is doing great. Not as thick but grew alot (to my lower back) and have much in volume. Hope that helps!

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Thanks, it did help and def can relate to not wanting to brush it or wash it as have noticed it’s breaking as while. And hair everywhere I can’t wear it down as it just comes out strand after strand 😫 yea guna see about this biotin and nioxin, and glad to hear yours settled down. Thanks for all the advise and reassuring to know that yours got better thanks Vicky

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Welcome!! You will be fine too :)

I too, had the same problem with hair loss. My didn't come out in clumps but became very sparse. After a few months it was filling in again. So, I am confident that yours will too. I take 5000 mg of biotin daily. Good luck to you!

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Thanks you glad yours stopped and is ok now!

I’m going to get biotin just need to see where can buy it from.

Thanks for replying, all the best.

It happened to me way before transplant while i was still doing dialysis because my hormones was out of control. After transplant it was worst clumps of hair everyday when i brush. It was side effects of some immuno suppressant medications.

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