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What's Going On?

I’m off down to London next week to attend another conference about the NHS reforms, it’s been a bit quiet on the Lansley front – well that’s what you think, I know where he is, I have him in a cage Tiswas style ready to have numerous buckets of water and gunge thrown at him.

This is the best place for him in my opinion, it would be good to perhaps add a few more Condemn politicians to my caged collection, and those behind the Welfare Reform Bill would be good. Sorry to disappoint but sadly there’s no cage, no buckets of water or gunge and no Health minister but he has been lying low lately first of all in response to the news that 50,000 NHS jobs could be axed, and yes that does include frontline clinical staff. (That’s doctors and nurses to those that aren’t used to political jargon.) And somehow this isn’t going to affect the standard of care we receive; I wonder how well Andrew Lansley did in his O level maths exam? I certainly can’t work out how that one works. Also with regards to the Health and Social Care Bill, Lansley’s got a secret document (OOOOO!!!) thisislondon.co.uk/standard... in Scooby Doo style The Evening Standard has ordered it to be handed over. I wonder what’s in it. It would be refreshing if amongst the spilt coffee stains it says what we’ve be thinking all this time, just five words that get straight to the point – “This is a s*** idea” and then perhaps Lansley might concentrate on improving the NHS we have rather than ripping it to shreds. You’re probably wondering why I’m bleating on about this again but the NHS reforms ARE important to us ticcers, just think about it if Lansley and the Condemns get their own way and place the responsibility of holding the NHS purse strings in the hands of our GPs what’s to stop them telling us ticcers that the excellent treatment that we’ve been receiving from consultants who specialise in TS and have done research into TS and also have at their clinics Habit Reversal Training, Physiotherapy, Aromatherapy and perhaps some other things that would help me with my TS will stop and instead we’ll get sent to a local neurologist or psychiatrist who maybe sees a TS patient once a week and no way has as much knowledge as those consultants in specialist TS clinics.

There is another scary bill that the Condemns a wanting to pass, this one has had some help from The Daily (Hate) Mail, other right wing newspapers and quite worryingly the BBC painting benefit recipients as a bunch of feckless, lazy crooks on the make, which as we know is far from the truth. Quite frighteningly Cameron keeps moving the goal posts, proposals to cut back on working tax credits for people on low wages being one issue. The biggest issues I can see with regards to the Welfare Reform bill are the replacement of DLA with the new Personal Independence Payment with its tighter assessment criteria and the time constraint on ESA to 12 months for people whose partner works, even if they’re only on minimum wage. All in all the Welfare Reform Bill is mindbogingly harsh and more than hints of a Victorian Britain. I have seen the future (not really) I saw a documentary the other night about music in Detroit, presently it looks like hell on earth, mass unemployment, poverty, if the Condemns are allowed to carry on this way we to will have thousands of people homeless, people unable to get the healthcare they need, no hope of a job and no government intervention to try and improve the situation, we are currently seeing the closure of Sure Start centres, cut back in youth services etc…etc..Do you catch my drift?