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More on the NHS Reforms

More on the NHS Reforms

I just happened to come across a report on the Politics Show which was on BBC1 on Sunday. For those who missed my previous blog post tourettes-action.healthunlo... the one with the picture of the playmobil) about the NHS reforms that the Coalition have been putting forward here’s an interesting report about what the plans entail.

I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to keep up to speed with goings on in the world of policy and politics as I still haven’t got any broadband and I’m still relying on the kind heartedness of a neighbour and my local village library, (that due to local government cut-backs may be reduced from being open to 2 ½ days a week to being bulldozed for new houses). If you do have any news stories/atrticles/blogs etc that you think might interest me that would be a great help. Please keep on writing to your MP about the proposed DLA changes, signing any e-petitions and also a big thanks for the support!


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I read yesterday that a group of people in Stony Stratford (MK) have all protested the closure of their local library by all taking out the maximum limit (15) of books! Hundreds of people have already joined a fb group and are pledging to do the same! If I still lived there, so would I!


These changes to DLA don't come into force until 2013, and it would be the middle care rate scrapped. Therefore people on lower or higher rates would still receive the same although the benefit would be renamed PIP. I don't think anyone can be 100% sure at this moment in time what the Government plan to do. There's so many radical reforms going on I'd try not to read too much into things. I don't believe they want to create difficulties for people who are disabled just make sure the right people get the benefits they require, and perhaps the people who've been stringing it along for the wrong reasons are dealt with accordingly. I'm not sure they class TS as a disability, they threw mine back at me when I applied for it. It depends how the form is filled in. If people have individual assessments in the future, they will be considered as an individual case rather than fill a form in for a faceless name and let's see if you're lucky enough to get the benefit scenario which isn't the right way to apply for this. Everyone with a disability is an individual case with an individual need - that is how I see it anyway.


I don't want to cause a barney but as Policy Officer I've been through the consultation paper with a fine tooth comb 3 times as I like to know what I'm talking about before I submit my response (which I have already done) so I'd like to make a few ponits about what the changes mean translated into English from the jargon that they use.

1. These changes are CUTS, no ifs and buts, however they wors the consultation paper to make it sound as though they are doing people with disabilities a big favour they are not! These reforms are cuts loosely disguised as progressive reforms!

2. The consultation process is only open for the minium period of time, the consultation paper was published early Dec and closes mid Feb, just over 2 months for everyone concerned to comment, blink and you miss it!

3. The Tories told us before the election that they would protect DLA! BS!

4.I haven't got the paper to hand but they plan to take away support for those with lesser needs and give more support to those with greater needs, they will do this by taking away the lowest care component.

5. I didn't mention these points in my earlier blog post about the changes to DLA but they intend to take into account any aids or adaptations a disabled person may use and what they can do with them, so that includes wheelchairs, communication aids and artificial limbs etc. They are also taking away the mobility component for those that life in care homes, thus rendering many people unable to leave where they live to visit friends and family or indeed to have any quality of life.

6.The face to face interviews will be carried out by ATOS or a similar company, despite there being grave concerns by many charities and organisations about the work capability assessment (WCA) that ATOS currently carry out for Employment Support Allowance (ESA) claimants and the findings in the Harrington report the governement are still not altering the WCA, many people with mental health problems, MS and a whole plethera of conditions have been deemed fit to work by ATOS, thus saving the DWP money and pocketing a nice fat bonus for keeping the numbers of ESA claimants down. If ATOS or a similar company were to be granted the contract to conduct these assessemts they would assess you on what you can do, rather than what you can't, if I can put on eyeliner why do I have problems chopping an onion, or giving myself my meds?

If you weren't granted DLA first time around try again, you just need to swallow your pride, I felt like a completely useless individual who's a danger to herself when I completed my form. I felt useless last night when I was ticcing so badly that Pete had to give me my meds like a baby.

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Hi, I'm not doubting all you say I haven't red the consultation paper, just listened to snipits on the News. I know reforms mean cuts, as for Politicians they're all liars - nothing new there, so don't believe anything they say anyway! Think you will find Lawyers who specialise in disability law have already said it's illegal to take away benefits from people who are disabled, not that it will make any difference to what the Gov. do. If they take away the low rate that will affect me, meaning I would have to return to full time work which I cannot do again. I'm better on a 4 day week. That was until I was suspended from work until further notice a week ago with another work colleague, and that's another story! Discrimination? Yes I think so. Life's not easy right now. Don't you have a care plan? To get your DLA there must have been something you attached to the DLA application? That's proof of you difficulty. As for assessments, I don't care if they give me one, I've nothing to hide I'll just tell them straight what I've got and how tough it's been, the rest is up to them. They should introduce benefits for mental health difficulties and another for physical difficulties, there cannot be one benefit to fit all, it does not work that way. And sadly we cannot always control the outcomes of Government decisions. As the saying goes 'we are all pawns in the Government Plan'. Try not to worry.


I will also be affected if they take away the lower rate as I would have to work full time when I get my buisness going. I was advised to apply for DLA when I first saw my psychiatrist (and a social worker who was assessing me) when I sent in the application I put on the details of my Pscychiartist, my TS specialist and my GP. I think that you need to get in touch with the CAB about your work.


Yeah I'm in touch with all the right people regarding work, got appointments with every tom, dick and harry and the C.A.B. on Thursday, and the Union's involved. I'm still getting paid, but that's not really the point. I've worked for this company 5 years full time. This happened to a friend of mine she and hubby were suspended took a year before it was thrown out of Court. Seems like you don't have a care plan, without that, noone has really made a written assessment of your condition. Luckily I had a 4 page plan. You've only just been awarded DLA? What did you live off before? Working from home isn't like going out to a job, and there's never guarantees you would be working full time with your business anyway? If I recall when we first chatted on FB, you told me you didn't consider yourself as disabled, you also said your TS wasn't bad. So how is it so bad now? Are you sure you're not just depressed. I'd be depressed with no employment. Try looking for a job, or even something voluntary just to get you out there, it may lead to a paid job in time. Depression can make you think you're far worse than you really are, trust me I've been there.


My point is I didn't get it first time around because my diagnosis was just TS (pride didn't come into it). When I was later diagnosed with Aspergers the doctor who diagnosed me wrote a 4 page care plan which I resubmitted with the DLA application with help from NAS. That time they took notice and awarded me the next day, it was a fast turn around. I have done full time work for the past 35 years, I think I've paid my dues and taxes. I should have been on DLA years ago, but claimed for nothing. I want to continue to work, I'd go mad sitting around all day. DLA enabled me to work one day less a week.


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