West Midlands Support Group Meeting

West Midlands Support Group Meeting

Hello again, yesterday during my little work binge I arranged our next support group meeting in Birmingham. This time it’s a little bit different, we’ll be joined by my Habit Reversal Training therapist (the neuropsychiartry liason nurse) from The Barberry in Birmingham where they have one of the best TS clinics in the UK to discuss all things HRT. Please join us, it’s always great to meet new faces, so if you have TS yourself or you’re a parent or carer of someone with TS please come along and join us. The meeting will be held in Birmingham city centre, just a few minutes walk from New St station at 1.30pm on the 11th June. If you’d like any more information please get in touch.


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  • Where about in Birmingham? Can we have full post code for the people who don't know the area. Thanks See you there. Barb

  • I can't publish the address here due to secrurity reasons, instructions from above, but I will be messaging those people who are coming in due course.

  • Hi there, as a parent of a Child with TS I would be very interested in coming along to the meeting, proving I can get child care cover for the girls, do you roughly know how long the meeting would be, approx, thank you.

  • The room is available to us from 1pm to 5pm so the times will be 1.30pm -4.30pm

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