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Somebody asked me on a TS forum earlier today if Mozart helped with my TS and here’s my answer and a bit of research I’ve done, well not really research just what I’ve noticed about myself and my TS. So as I can’t sleep (Aripiprazole?) and I’m taking the advice of my habit reversal training therapist and have got out of bed and done something – I’ve doodled a diagram (see photo). You probably cant see it very well so I’ll have to explain it to the right is music that makes my tics or mood worse (I really shouldn’t have been listening to Mozart’s Requiem earlier I should have been listening to some drum’n’bass, a friend had posted some music on Facebook that was a perfect tic reducer. (Photek)

Thinking about it, it isn’t that far removed from some of the other music that I’ve mentioned that helps to reduce tics such as Steve Reich’s “18 Musicians”, Brian Eno’s “Music for Airports”, John Cage “Music for Prepared Piano” and The Orb “UFORB” and throw in a bit of Tangerine Dream for good measure. However breaking this mold, yet just as effective is The Flight Of The Conchords (?????!!!) Kiwi comedians???? Definitely makes me smile on the train, plus I also secretly fancy Bret


If you look at the other end of the diagram you’ll see what makes me tic, sorry Ben although you’re a fantastic pianist YOU MAKE ME TIC!

a great song for anyone who was bullied at school! Most metal makes me tic too, my partner was listening to Iron Maiden earlier….tic..tic..tic. Ben Folds isn’t going to help me sleep so back to Photek. Night night xx

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I'm using a library and forgot my earphones but I asked Mozart to help me with my tics but he didn't answer me. I don't think he heard me tbh.

i was in the choir that sang Mozarts Reqiuem at The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Hall in 1991


Mozart didn't really help at all, nor did Metalica or Guns'n'Roses.


Have you tried any trip-hop especially Faithless and Massive Attack

Have a look on youtube at Soweto by Hieroglyphics feat the gorgeous Goa Pele - always relaxes me anyway

Can't be sure if it's the music or the ace video of them basically taking the mick out themselves that I enjoy the most

Huskies in the desert - whatever next!


BTW I've sung in performances of Faure's Requiem and Carmina Buranna


Talking abouit Mozart have a look at these nice relaxation-specialist musicians:


I put some co-ordinates for youtube links up but all I got was a blank screen saying: video not available

I usually have to post, check, then edit Youtube links because I often make errors witrh 0 AND O and I (CAPITAL i and I (small L) and just general mistakes with capitals and non-caps but, it seems, HU doesn't give us that option to edit such links

Anyhoo, the links were for:

Blu Man Group - I Feel Love

and Blu Man Group - Drumbone (Last Call Vegas)


I love that UFORB album especially the track where the dog barks very echoey in the background

That bit shook me a little when I first heard it as it took me back to the bad old days when, to get away from the misery that were my excessive tics, I immersed myself in a haze of stuff I probably would have been better not taking

I'll dig that CD out tonight and play it as not heard it for yonks - probably because that barking dog still freaks me out a bit


I would give anything to sing in Carmina Burana

The composer got a really bad press in the history books as being pro-hitler but, in actuall fact he just played it clever and composed a picture of a hell on earth that the Furher quite rightly misinterpreted it as the power of the Nazis but in actual fact Orff was taking the piss but people didn't see it until after his death

Compose or get gassed - I know what I would have chosen!


Here are the missing vids -


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