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Carbimazole for Graves Disease and Weight Gain

Hi I'm new to this forum, live in the UK and have Graves Disease

My story:

I 've had an underactive thyroid for 11 years and was on thyroxine, after a lot of stress moving house last year, I've suddenly gone to having an overactive thyroid which has brought on Graves Disease. There were no symptoms of overactive apart from pulse rate had been higher, along with feeling hot and raised blood pressure.

Over 6 months last year, I've put on 10lbs before diagnosed by Endo that I have GD - but thought with an overactive thyroid you normally lose weight!

I'm off thyroxine but now on Carbimazole 30mg a day (have been for nearly 3 months) and my blood lab results are improving which are now FT3 6.0 and FT4 20.5, TSH unreadable. My blood pressure is back to normal and I'm no longer feeling hot all the time.

But I'm still piling weight on (3 months on Carbimazole and another 8lbs on). Is this normal ?

I feel ok apart from an aching arm/shoulder and the weight gain.

How long is anyone expected to be on Carbimazole ? and when lab results improve which they have, FT4 was over 60, FT3 12 and TSH was unreadable, can my dosage be reduced ?

Any advice would be appreciated thanks :-)

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hi i am new to group i was diagnosed with graves in 2010,,in 2012 i had thyroid removal ,,i have gain so much weight i am almost 56 years old ,,,i am asking for someone to give me some info with this disease i got,,,thinking about having weightloss surgery called the sleeves ,,,to help me to learn how to eat again and start a new way of life again ,,,i have grandchildren loves so much i cant evenget around the way i used to due to weightgain ,,,,and i was always a active person ,,,,,


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