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weight and hypothyrodisum!

can hypo people not put on any weight? the reason I ask is all my blood work is heading towards being hypo with many hypo symptoms, I gave up smoking nearly 3 months and weighed myself I haven't put any weight on, infact I think I lost a few pounds, maybe this is due to me not eating much as my swallowing problems, it just makes me think if it could be hypo because the main symptom I see is weight gain, im a lil confused to say the least :/ x

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Some people with hypo do lose weight rather than putting it on. There's no hard and fast rule, it depends on the individual.

Hugs, Grey


oh right ok, I didn't realise that x


I've not put on any weight. Well I did initially but soon lost it when I changed my diet....


Although weight gain is common in hypothyroidism, the picture is not quite as black and white as often it seems.

Hypothyroidism causes retention of water leading to weight gain. It can also lead to loss of muscle mass and, hence, loss of weight. Lowered metabolism can tend to weight gain. But, for example, some hyperthyroid people get enhanced appetites and so eat more and gain weight.

When it comes to things n the thyroid world, nothing is ever quite as straightforward as it initially appears. Confusion seems to be the usual state!



thank you, I have got swallowing problems and don't really eat much so maybe that's it, I thought giving up smoking would be my time to actually gain weight and it did scare me, I haven't got no fluid retention either, thanks for your comments x


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