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in March I had a very bad chest infection which was treated with 3 lots of penicillin, 2 lots of steroids and an inhaler. Now a month later I am getting up and after breakfast just want to go to sleep flow meter highest 300 but always 260 first thing.

I am underactive and wondered if the steroids have upset things althou I made sure that there was big gap between eltroxin with no food and steroids with food. Waiting to see GP this week

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I cannot say whether the steroids caused the problem. This is a link which may help you. Your GP may not know the connection between hypo and breathlessness.

meki in reply to shaws

Thanks so much for this. I am finding the breathlessness hard to handle as alsways been fairly fit. Can my GP orescribe T3 or will I have to got to Dr S. 5 weeks from now I am off to China with lots of walking and a visit to Tibet over 3000m so getting very concerned.


I should have thought your GP should have referred you to an Endo especially seeing you are going to Tibet. You cannot afford to be ill there and don't want your holiday spoiled.

I doubt if the GP will prescribe T3 only and you really need some time when you switch to an alternative thyroid gland medication.

You can ask your GP and he may be willing to add some T3 to your T4 and if you email and highlight question 6 for your GP which says that some of us need a suppressed TSH or the addition of T3. She also has a list of NHS Endos and private doctors but you may need a quick consultation with someone so it may be preferable to go private.

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It can take a bad chest infection three months before you feel better. Some of your small air sacs may have been severely compromised or permanently damaged. Lungs need looking after and treating properly f you are compromised in other ways, Hypothyroid, Asthma etc. May I ask if you had respiratory problems before this and what inhaler you were put on and did it make any difference when you took it? The other question is what amount of Steroids were you put on and for how long and the antibiotics, how long was the course?

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