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Tendon Problems

I was diagnosed Hypothyroid about 6 years ago and currently takes 125mg of Thyroxine daily, I'm 43. For the last couple of years I've had problems with my tendons, 6 weeks ago after struggling for 2 years I had an operation on my shoulder to decompress the area around my supraspinatus tendon and mend a partial thickness tear. I also have a trigger finger which means my finger gets stuck in any position which isn't straight due to the tendon swelling and not moving smoothly. I'm not convinced I'm on the right levels of Thyroxine and my question is if I ask my GP for an increased in dose will this help my tendon swelling go down? My other issues are tiredness, dry skin, terrible nails, poor concentration which are things I'd also like to address as they haven't really improved since I've been taking the tablets. Thanks in advance.

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Hi Julia

If you have a recent thyroid gland blood test result, can you post your results in a new question, complete with the ranges and someone will comment upon them.

You may well be undertreated as some GP's keep us within 'normal range' when we should be below 1 or under.

Also get a Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate as the first two are often deficient in hypo.


Thanks for your responses. Those links make interesting reading, I'm also a terrible sleeper, even though I feel exhausted a lot of the time I never get a really decent nights sleep. I've been back to my GP today and whilst I forgot to ask for the test results we talked it through and although he believes I'm on the right dose he's referring me to an endocrinologist. So I need to have a think about how I'm going to approach that consultation.


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