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Radio 4 - Patients Know Best

There was a program on Radio 4 this afternoon, most of which I missed but some of it was about patients being able to see their medical records etc. This website was mentioned, I have bookmarked it to have a look later but I am sure many of you will be interested.

Apologies if it has already been mentioned!

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The Radio 4 program was You and Yours.

Listening now!



Hope you find it interesting :)


Ten quid a month, though!


Oh blimey I didn't see that!!


Discount to £99 or so for a full year. :-)


Hi Silver_Fairy,

Thanks for recommending Patients Know Best (I'm the person you heard on the radio). The price is for patients who want to set up their own account without waiting for the NHS. But the vast majority of our patients get the software free of charge when the NHS pays, and the price the NHS pays is much lower as they get volume discounts. So my suggestion is that you introduce us to any doctors who you want to provide you with the service so we can get them to pay for the whole department, and then you get the system for free.


I have not had time to listen to the link yet but can you tell me what software is free of charge whn the NHS pays?


Thank you for your reply idiopathic.

Do we have to register on the website to be able to introduce doctors?

Maybe if you did a post, with this advice, more forum members would see it. :)


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