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Undiagnosed Hypothyroidism

I wrote some time ago about how I was trying to get my hypothyroidism diagnosed but to no avail.

I continue to feel unwell and extremely tired. I had loads of advice from other bloggers and TUK people for which I am eternally grateful. I was the highest scoring volunteer on the TUK research programme but getting absolutely nowhere with my GPs except to be refered for a test for Altzheimers (I didn't take up their offer at the time). NOW I have a new GP and decided that instead of kicking the traces I will play to their tune. So I booked an appointment to be tested for Altzheimers. I was told that I didn't have the dreaded disease. The doctor has now booked me in for the full monty of blood tests and any that I wanted. Unfortunately as I was taken by surprise I was unprepared and couldn't remember the tests I'd been advised to ask for. I could only remember B12 and T3. So now I have an appointment on May 2nd for my bloods and then back to see the doctor on the 8th. I felt that she had listened to me but I also feelthat she will be tied by the results. I pray for the day that the NHS will allow me to be treated for my symptoms and not on blood test results.


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Hello. Why don't you make appointment with Dr Peatfield or Dr GIna Honeyman. They helped me many years ago. Eve


Is there any possibility you could have a private consultation. If you email has a list.


hello, why not just phone your gp before blood tests due and ask him to also include the tests that you have since remembered may also be useful.This really should be no problem for them to do. good luck


It could be an idea to be be screened for other auto-immune diseases with similar symptoms too eg rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, lupus or St Johns (spelling) Do any of these fit your symptoms?



You say - "I was the highest scoring volunteer on the TUK research programme"

Can you tell me what that is please?

Jane x


As cupi suggested, call and add the blood tests for your hypothyroidism:

Remember you are the star of this show, the rest are merely making a living.


Hi Janeb,

Thyroid uk were running tests for research into hypothyroidism and needed volunteers who had symptoms but were undiagnosed. I had the most symptoms and eventually, after having blood and urine tests done I got a print out of the results which show that I have low free t3. The only trouble is that GP's don't accept anything other than low TSH an t4. even though I have over 75% of the symptoms on the tick list.

Once I have the results of these tests I will put them on here and maybe someone will interpret them for me.

I am saving up for private blood tests and hopefully an appointment with Dr P. I was hoping to get an appointment with Dr S but he was shackled before I had the chance.

My GP is doing blood tests for hypothyroidism and other things that could be causing my memory, concentration and focus problems. other symptoms are dry skin and hair. Lack of body hair, eyebrows and body hair. Low basal temperature etc etc etc.


I had a partial thyroidectomy (left side) 15 years ago I have also repeatedly reported to my GP all the symptoms of hypothyroidism and have had numerous thyroid blood test for them to come back negative I was an aerobics coach/gym instructor up until last year. I taught up to 28 classes a week at one point and worked in a gym in total working 12 hour days. I have always eaten healthily, cooking from scratch and never eating processed food. I have always been palmed of about thyroid problems I now have hospital appointment this week as its 3 years since last scan and if you have had a growth removed guidelines are scan yearly!!! When I spoke to my GP a few weeks ago I mentioned my weight and difficulty in controlling it and how tired I am on a daily basis, the reply I got was your thyroid has nothing to do with your weight Erm I think it governs your metabolic rate and endocrine system I have now totally lost faith in my surgery and I am going armed with as much info as I can to the hospital so they cannot palm me off yet again with their is nothing wrong


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