Does the fermentation process in sauerkraut make it safe to eat regularly if one has hypothyroidism ?

I am currently on 75 mcg thyroxine , and have just discovered the wonders of sauerkraut for my digestive system which i also have ongoing problems with. But i am not sure if i should be avoiding it as raw cabbage can inhibit the intake of thyroxine . I have read that the fermentation process makes it ok and on other sites that it makes it worse.

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How does it make you feel, judas? Do you have an increase in hypo symptoms after eating it? Do you feel tired? Or as if you're coming down with flu? Any untoward feelings at all?

If not, go ahead. You will know if it's not right for you. You are talking about goitrogens here, and goitrogens are very personal. Not all hypos are affected by all goitrogens. So if you feel ok then fine, continue eating it. But monitor your reactions just in case.

Hugs, Grey

Thank you Grey for answering my query so quickly . No not at all . Its definitely benefiting my insides and i felt good on it .But would the adverse reaction be that immediate ? And without seeming to be rude can you tell me what informs your advice ? As i`ve seen completely conflicting opinion on the net - saying the fermentation process does , and doesnt modify the goitregens of the raw cabbage .

I really don't know if the fermentation process modifies the goitrogens, but I would say it's irrelevant (must learn how to spell that word...). They also say that cooking destroys or lessens the goitrogenic effect, but believe me, if you are really sensitive to them, it doesn't help at all!

So, by that you can guess that what informs my advice is experience. When my thyroid was working - now it's dead from Hashi's - I couldn't eat strawberries, walnuts, pears or maize. And it didn't matter if they were cooked or whatever. I even had to give up walnut and coffee cake! Can you imagine? lol

So, yes, the adverse effect is very immediate - within an hour or so, usually. But it varies from person to person. I have also done a lot of reading on the subject and discussed it with people and the general opinion seems to correspond with my experience.

It was quite frightening before I was diagnosed and before learning about goitrogens. I just couldn't understand why strawberries made me so ill. I didn't break out in a rash or anything, or start sneezing as I did with my other allergies (not food related) so I didn't think it could be an allergy. And lo and behold, it wasn't! But I find it's difficult to explain to other people why I couldn't eat certain things, they didn't understand, so I just fell back on calling them allergies... Ho hum.

Anyway, if sauerkraut is making you feel good, then carry on with it! I find that interesting because I've eaten plenty of sauerkraut in my time and didn't feel any beneficial effect. But it's interesting to know that it can be benificial for some people. Enjoy! I say. lol

Hugs, Grey

Was it unpasteurized sauerkraut, Grey? That makes a big difference and might be a little more difficult to find unless you know someone who makes it.

I have no idea if it was unpasteurized sauerkraut. lol I've mostly eaten it in restaurants, so probably not. I definately don't know anyone who makes it, but I'll keep my eye out for it in future.

Hugs, Grey

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