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Adrenal saliva test?


I am due to repeat an adrenal stress saliva test from Genova. I have previously (more than a year ago) done a comprehensive adrenal stress profile which included Secretory IgA which was in the optimal range. I decided to leave Secretory IgA out and repeat the ordinary one which measures cortisol level and DHEA levels. As the one that includes Secretory IgA is more expensive.

Do you guys think it is reasonable to leave out Secretory IgA?

many thanks


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I think that is a good idea. Many people only take the basic one. If I were to take a saliva cortisol test, that's the one I would get too :)

Carolyn x

How much does the test measuring cortisol and DHEA alone cost?

Hi both, thanks for your replies. Carolyn, glad I did the basic one that many people take! AntonyMs, it costs 75 pounds.


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