Went back after my second blood tests ready to argue to be treated and Doc sat me down and immediately said 'right we need to get you on some medication, I think you've probably had enough of feeling shitty!' I nearly cried! So today is day 2 of Levothyroxine, low dose 25mg, and will increase in 4 weeks, then 4 weeks after that. :D Thanks to answers of my previous queries on here and information on the site I was able to have a really informed discussion with the Doc re levels and treatment etc. Glad this valuable resource is here for us all. :D :D :D

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  • Good news. Hope it goes well.

    Make sure you get and keep your blood test results!


  • Am doing Rod - in my notes on iPhone!

  • Make sure they are copied somewhere (iCloud?) in case of loss or damage! :-)

  • That's great news and look forward to you feeling much better.

  • What terrific news ! Here's to the new you.......fingers crossed.


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