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Could I be hypo thyroid?

Hi I have been unwell for 15 months with what the doctors decided was CFS. I have slowly been getting better but am still unwell and not able to do much. My symptoms are :


Muscle aches and pains

Stiffness in the morning

Itchiness all over body

White coated tongue


Internal shaking

Weight gain

Feel very down

I have had blood tests which the doctor says were all ok. I am having more blood tests done tomorrow as the exhaustion has got so much worse.

Thanks for reading. Any help and advice very grateful. :)

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Number one piece of advice: Get your test results - the actual numbers. And the reference ranges.

If you have problems with your GP surgery, have a look here:

Once you have them, post back and we can take a, hopefully, more informed view. But also have a look at the main Thyroid UK site, e.g. signs and symptoms here:



Thanks a lot. I will ask my GP for the results when I see her in 2 weeks.


Always get a copy of your blood tests for your own records. Sometimes if we write numbers down we can make mistakes.


On what grounds have they diagnosed CFS?




I had a sinus infection which cleared up, but I still felt ill. Had loads of blood tests which all came back ok, so doc said it was post viral fatigue, which later turned into chronic fatigue. This started 15 months ago. Had blood tests re done in Sep 2012 - still came back ok!


so on the grounds of him not knowing what was actually wrong with you, he diagnosed CFS?


Yes that's about right! GP just kept signing me off and one doctor said that she didn't know anything about chronic fatigue and could I explain what it was! Have felt really let down by the system as no one has helped me and the people at the chronic fatigue clinic told me that I would never get better!

My symptoms are changing which is making me question if I am hypo thyroid.


.....i was diagnosed with it 15 years ago...things were very different then! I think it was a 'go to diagnosis' for when GP's had no idea what they are dealing with!

I am now of the belief that Myhill has it right: CFS is just a name. there has to be something wrong at a cellular level!

I'm afraid it's private in this country if you want a chance to get well.....


Thanks for your comments. Are you still suffering from chronic fatigue? Have you seen Dr Myhill? I have tried lots of alternative therapies to get well. Homeopathy seems to be helping. Am also having CBT and waiting for GET! Think I know more than the CBT therapist.

Just want to feel normal again!


yeah i've done all that and then some! You end up going from one to the other hoping for the answer. There's more scope for help nowadays...thank god!

I have fatigue yes but not sure you'd call it chronic.

I have been in contact with Myhill via email etc but today i booked an appointment to see her. Its a couple of months away but i thought i'd get it in the book! I think she's the best at all this......with the bigger picture anyway.

Its sounds like you could do with have the mitochondria test she does. Could rule it out one way or the other....



Do you believe you have cfs or thyroid problems? I have never believed the diagnosis of cfs , as I don't fit the criteria! Docs just don't know what is wrong with me!


Errrrr..... Well I am diagnosed under active thyroid and I certainly have adrenal fatigue. So yes I know these play a part of me feeling so unwell. Whether that's part of a bigger picture, I don't know. Something's keeping me unwell..... But then that could be slowly recovering adrenals!

I think once you damage your system it's a long road back to any form of good health! Too many people struggling to get up that road, I find.

I've cone to believe CFS is just a name for an illness doctors (in the NHS) can't find or want to find the reason for. Cheaper just to give it a name and do virtually nothing for! Lol

There are a lot of shocking examples of incompetence when you get Ill (or use any system in this country ) isn't there....



I agree that you get labelled with cfs when they don't know what is wrong with you. I have never had any of the classic symptoms of sore throat and swollen lymph glands. The GP just kept giving me sick note after sick note without even seeing me! Another doc said I was depressed which I disagreed with. I have battled it on my own and just wish someone would help.


there you go....diagnose you with CFS and they can wipe their hands of you. No need to treat. The cheap option!

Disgraceful really....


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