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Just diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, tablets were working but seem to be waining?

Hi all - I've just been told I have hyperthyroidism. It is a little scary! I have been given carbimazole 1 x 20mg tablet per day. It seemed to help my symptoms (mainly weight loss and fast heartbeat) within a few days. However after a couple of weeks the tablet seems to work for the daytime then I get the symptoms return in the evening - not quite as bad but still there. Has anyone else had this? I am waiting for my specialist appointment. Thanks, Maria

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I have no personal experience - but I do not like seeing posts unanswered.

Dosing with carbimazole always sounds like its a bit hit and miss. Try this. Oh - maybe a bit more. Or a bit less. Ah - that seems OK. Until it is not OK and an adjustment is needed.

If you feel that your current dose is not working, go straight back to your GP and say so.

Not surprised it is scary and worrying. And, while not wishing to ramp that up, do be aware that escalating hyperthyroidism can be dangerous. If things change significantly for the worse, you need to think about going in to Accident & Emergency or whatever facility you have. Make sure those around you know that as well. Of course, if only a little worse and you can easily get to see your GP, do that.

Are you taking anything else? It is common for hyperthyroid people to be offered the beta-blocker propranolol alongside their anti-thyroid medicine. That can help reduce the impact of high thyroid hormones on your heart.



Hi Rod, can you tell me please, how toes the effect of high thyroid hormones manifest when applied to one*s heart ?


Complex - have a look here:

The cardiovascular signs and symptoms of thyroid disease are some of the most profound and clinically relevant findings that accompany both hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. On the basis of the understanding of the cellular mechanisms of thyroid hormone action on the heart and cardiovascular system, it is possible to explain the changes in cardiac output, cardiac contractility, blood pressure, vascular resistance, and rhythm disturbances that result from thyroid dysfunction. The importance of the recognition of the effects of thyroid disease on the heart also derives from the observation that restoration of normal thyroid function most often reverses the abnormal cardiovascular hemodynamics. In the present review, we discuss the appropriate thyroid function tests to establish a suspected diagnosis as well as the treatment modalities necessary to restore patients to a euthyroid state. We also review the alterations in thyroid hormone metabolism that accompany chronic congestive heart failure and the approach to the management of patients with amiodarone-induced alterations in thyroid function tests.

For anyone following this, the effects of HYPOthyroidism on the heart are also significant and can result in confusingly similar effects to HYPERthyroidism such as palpitations, arrhythmia, etc.

By the way, I only saw your post by chance. If you wish to reply to someone, click on the blue "Reply to this" and the person will receive an alert email. :-)



i was diagnosed hyperthyroid last feb 2012 and put on beta blockers and carbimazol but a much higher dose 6 tablets daily initially

this eventually reduced to 3 a day and then i had to change meds to ppt

sounds like the carbimazol dose is nt enough and you need to see your dr for blood tests to check this

def make an appointment and go back

it seems to take a while for meds to work took 2 weeks each time with mine

good luck



I have Graves and went on carbimazole and beta blockers last May. I read somewhere that the carbimazole affects the production of the thyroid hormone rather than their current levels thats why you don't see much improvement for 4 to 8 weeks. Be careful about rushing things because by September I was very underactive TSH 44. I felt so ill again, felt like I was drowning. Only now beginning to feel human. Please contact me if you want to chat with someone who has been through the same


Thank you for sharing your experience with me I hope you are feeling ok at the moment. I will give it a bit longer - patience has never been one of my strong points! It is a little surreal at the moment - not sure if I have graves (have had vision issues) or if hyperthyroidism brought on after pregnancy. Do you have lots of support? My hubby is lovely but I don't think quite gets it but also he is having major issues at work so distracted in all fairness M x


Thank you everyone for responses - everyone here seems to think because I have tablets now all is sorted but I don't feel that way yet! M x


Yes my husband does try to understand. But it has changed our lives so much. I had 3months off work and when l went back my boss didn't make any allowances for me. I have good/ bad weeks - l find resting in the evenings and weekends are the only way to keep working. My boss did say recently 'haven't they sorted you out yet? Can't they give you some pills to sort it?' People do not understand thyroid. I must admit l didn't until l suffered from it. I must admit l have had a brilliant doctor and my endo has been good. As I said before please contact me if you want to chat. Although we are all different l feel l've been there and got the t shirt! PS are they treating your blood regularly? Mine is tested every 6 weeks.


They did the blood test over three weeks ago now but haven't said about checking levels again. I do have private health insurance with work so going to ring tomorrow and see if they cover seeing an endocrinologist rather than waiting months for NHS appointment! Thanks for your support - send your boss a link to information on condition! Don't have to deal with boss at mo as on mat leave but three children to keep me busy! Enjoy your weekend M x


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