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Can anyone recommend any books, authors or literature that I can read to clue me up on Hypothyroidism and it's treatment?

I am just wondering if anyone can recommend to me some books or a book that contains useful info and explanations about the thyroid and hypothyroidism - particularly any that are concerned with pregnancy - or any books or authors that you have found useful or helpful.

Many thanks people :-)

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Have you had a look at the main TUK site?

Dr Toft's book to start maybe? 'Understanding Thyroid disorders' also can be found in most chemists for a fiver.

Sorry don't know ones pregnancy specific 'tho. Jane :D


Thanks Jane :-)


Dr. Airola has a book that's been highly recommended by an alternative doctor for pregnant women, actually before pregnancy if possible. I think it's called Every Women's Book or something similar.


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