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Sugar Babes: The Results!

Ok, so it's Sunday now and the week of no sugar is over. Hopefully the other two brave commrades will add in their findings and thoughts but for me well, here goes.......

To say giving up sugar in all its additional forms: sucrose (the white stuff), lactose (in all dairy products) and fructose (in lots of fruits) is easy would be an understatement. It grips you like a vice and the urge is really very strong to give into it.

Interesting I do now think there are different reasons why we want or crave sugar and we can have more than one reason why this is. Whether it be yeast probs, hormone imbalances or weak adrenals what I have recently read certianly makes sense although I'm not suggesting it is the only way to look at things.

Anyway, the first few days went very well, keeping topped up with slow releasing carbohydrates and protein was clearly important for me. Getting even the slightest bit peckish led me to thinking about sugary things more and more.

Keeping the diet as varied as possible to avoid repetition also seems important too as there is only so much veg soup that one can take.

Snacks were more difficult as this is where my sugar intake was usually high but with imagination it can be overcome.

By day 3 it was more difficult to resist but after another two days it definitely seemed to wane.

Now, although I'm kind of looking forward to a blast of Cadburys tomorrow on the other hand I'm not so sure. Why? Well.........

My sleep pattern has improved, just tired not wired before bed, I'm feeling a little more energetic (not madly so but enough to notice the difference), my skin is looking clearer and less open pores and less lines I believe (this could be sleep related too) and my joints are definitely not stinging as much as a week ago.

I even feel as though some of my muscles are more reactive than before giving me a more stable feeling when walking about.

So, in conclusion, well worth the effort and for future reference I will try a handful of choc tomorrow (It is Easter after all) and will pop on for a update with how it makes me feel but will endavour to keep any further sugar intake to a low a figure as poss if not keep it out altogether.

(I believe there was a prog on TV this week abot how to make things taste sweet without using sugar. Missed it but will try and check it out. Good for those who still need to have that pleasure centre tickled once in a while but perhaps not necessary for those who have really kicked that requirement right into touch).

Lastly, there's a kilo of weight gone somewhere and its not round my waist any more so that can only be a good thing! Plus, my transit time (pardon the need for this) seems to have improved once I stopped eating eggs every day which really didn't help.

As all good studies must consider the flipside, I will just add that of course I hoped to feel better without sugar so it could be purely psychological. Our minds are a law unto themselves but at the end of the day if I can go on improving without it then it really doesn't matter and I'm certainly doing myself no harm by removing it.

Looking forward to hearing the other two accounts real soon.

Sleep well this shortened night!

G x

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Well done tulula. I must say, I misread this at first and didn't realise you were just doing this for a week - but having tried myself to find other things to eat I know how difficult it is to do this for more than a couple of days!

My best tip for making things sweet without sugar is to use dessicated coconut, but you need to like coconut for this of course. Also coconut oil has a level of sweetness too.

Mercifully for me, having had to give up sugar already in most of its forms and then even fruit some times too, I managed to get a little fruit back in again last week without incident. Phew! And I would still avoid most ordinary chocolate as the sugar hit would be too much, but I asked for BoojaBooja chocs instead for Easter and once I began eating them, it was hard to stop yesterday.

Also I began to try some of the recipes you suggested in one of your posts, but when my, er, transit time after only a third of a tin of beans was, lets say, a little TOO fast, I remembered why I didn't eat beans. Mind you the home made tomato sauce was delicious though and actually so easy.

Enjoy your choccy eggs today then!


Hello all,

Reeeesults of a trying week! I'd like to start by thanking Tulua for coming up with this experiment and for all the helpfull advice and info, and Well done tulua you did us proud!

I must admit for me, I didnt stick entirely to sugar free week, I didnt realise there was the sugar in dairy products doh! must of miss read initial post and guidelines, so had been eating a fair bit when hungry with crackers as snack!

But on the plus side I had removed the majority of sugar and considering I used to eat cakes biscuits and chocolate every day like it was going out of fashion I think I did well! sugar cravings were there but not too bad, this could of been as I wasnt completely sugar free, even so it was managable.

My main troublesome symptoms before were very bad sleep, muscle ache, coated tongue, bad constipation (sorry for bieng graphic), poor hair/skin, bloated/gasy, sweats and heat intollerance, and bad brainfog.

Well the bad sleep has improved slightly, brain fog slightly better,tongue looks less coated, and sweats arent as bad. Muscle ache, hair/skinstill bad, constipation, still v bad, but some of these symptoms could be linked to my changing from 100mg levo to 75mg a few weeks ago, and my thyroid adjusting.

All in all I'm glad I did the experiment, and was a good start to trying to cut out as much sugar as poss, I'm hoping to carry it on next week and cut out dairy too!

Hope Madmums2 has been doing well, hope to here from her too. :)

Have a good Easter all!

Corinne xx


I know they contain sugar BUT the constipation was cured by eating a few dates around 7 to 8pm


Interesting...... But extremely difficult!!!!!


I find when my symtoms are at their least (summer) = highest T3, I don't crave sugar. As soon as my T3 dips and I get symtoms creeping back I crave sugar. I was the worst for craving sugar in the weeks leading up to the hypo diagnosis. I actually use it as one of my symtoms to regulate how I'm feeling. I've taken supplements for insulin sensitivity and it has helped (I used to get hypoglacemic type crashes).


Hello People's and a very Happy Easter to you all :)

Well :))))). A MEGA result. I'm so happy. My story is very similar to Corinnes. I also avoided carbs like they were out of fashion part from a few times when family cooked dinner and gluten free pasta or brown rice was dished up

At the start of this week I was only managing 1 or 2 days out of bed a week. I suspected that I have an intolerance not just to sugar but also chocolate. Sugar has crept in once or twice in the form of 6 teaspoons of maple syrup spread throughout the week with some Greek yoghurt. Yes I did keep dairy in as my main aim was to eradicate the chocolate and biscuits. Like Corinne says, I was eating it like it was going out of fashion.

I found it particularly difficult at the beginning of the week but by late Tuesday I realised I wasn't fatigued anymore. Was out of bed and pottering about cleaning and enjoying it. I can't tell you what a wonderful difference this has made to my life. I actually have it back. I must be extremely intolerant to sugar. I've had a busy week. My four grandchildren 0-3 stayed over one night. I coped well with a little help and even had them up bathed fed dressed and out the door by 9:30am ??

I have been very good with food. Lots of protein, vegetables, baked squash and yes I have been having fruit. All in all an amazing result. In all honesty I had no belief in myself that I would stick to this. Did I cheat? Yes. Last night I enjoyed an early celebratory bottle of wine with my husband. No come back from it today. Chocolate. Will I eat again. Probably but in small doses. But for now I am going to try to remain as sugar free as possible. I'm enjoying having my life back

A big thank you to tulula for organising this and everyone who has supported us or travelled this journey. It has been inspiring. Xxxxx


So pleased for you. Great news and at least we can all say there has been some improvement even if at different levels.

Onward and upward then. We'll pop in regularly to keep the sirits up yes?

Well done both of you!



Hey Madmom2

Great to read your feeling so much better after doing this! and you can do so much more, long may it continue! :)

Imust admit I had bit of chocolate yesterday and hotcross bun, and where as before I would have another then a bit more! this time Ireally wasnt bothered! so reeesssult!!


Corinne xx


Well done, having been on this regime for almost two years I appreciate it is a road strewn with torment and temptations; what struck me most from the experimental blogs was the realisation that energy had increased.

I have watched many people visibly disintegrate before my eyes when they have consumed sugar, whether it is from sugary drinks, sweets, alcohol or desserts, eyes begin to look weary and often an overwhelming desire to sleep comes over them as the sugar hits the brain in a fix no different to cocaine. Before the desire to sleep kicks in many people's behaviour becomes more wired. Without sugar our organs are in a calmer state.

Most importantly, we are not feeding the bad bacteria in our guts, when we give up sugar we can experience what is known as "die off" which can make us feel grotty for a little while, we then begin to experience an improvement in our wellbeing as the gut heals.

It is brilliant that you have made such an effort this last week and I hope this gives you the incentive to keep up this healthier lifestyle.


Thanks for the inout Joyia. Yes, me thinks it's high time to have a sugar free life wherever possible - not easy in todays climate.

Thanks again.



I think l'll have to give this a go as I could do with losing a wee (big) bit of weight. The three of you seem to be doing so well with just a week. Just wish I could lose the craving for chocolate.

Jo xx


Very inspiring thread - well done!

Go easy on the Easter eggs!

A x


Well done to all of you, - very interesting experiement and one that we should all try now and again to help ourselves. Hope you all have a happy Easter.x C


Ok, so had a rush of sickliness and a bout of tears after an hour following my Easter egg. Most bizarre! Feeling better now.

For those who don't knwo I have been reviewing a book, Beat Sugar Additction' and have covered the 4 types plus treatment protocols (according to the author) plus a few specific conditions like depression and Fibro/CFS.

Here are the rest of the suggestons covered in this book.

1. Diabetes. Too much sugar can make you insulin resistant which helps also to pile on the pounds.The benefits of walking are considered very relevant along with getting enough Vit D which is often associated with diabetes.

Eating more fibre, less, sugar and white flour plus fish oils really helps too along with lots of veg and fruit.

Magnesium is sugested but care needed if you have any kidney issues. So is Q10 as this is often low in diabetes.

However, removing that sugar load is the best thing you can do to begin with!

2. Hypothyroidism. Remember this book is from USA! Clear indication that TSH is not to be considered the best way to tell if thyroid issues are underlying. Refers to a study (not referenced unfortunately) in the BMJ that showed that those with technically 'normal' bloods did feel much better on t4 treatment.

Plus, Hunt study found an increase in heart issues where TSH was over 2.4. (Worrying).

Those on statins for high cholesterol had increased drive for sugar which simply exacerbated thyroid probs. Quotes a study in 2004 that showed that many on t4 are not happy with the way they feel!

States that once your TSH has dropped to below 2.0 you should not allow your GP to accept that you are cured but symptoms should take precedence!

Natural therapies include iodine of course nothwithstanding Hashi where one should not supplement with iodine and that heart issues should be dealt with very carefully before starting thyroid treatments.

Lastly, an endorsement of Mary Shoman and her Thyroid Diet book as being of great help.

3. IBS. Once again, remove sugar to aid healing of the gut to increase good bacteria to keep smooth muscle of the gut running as it should to keep nutrients flowing correctly.

Small intestine Bacteria Overgrowth is highly connected to hypothyroidism by way of a slow transit time and possible food sensitivities. Lactose and fructose are especially problematic for the hypo gut.

Don't rely on antacids for too long as these also disturb the acid balance that is needed to keep bad bacteria at bay. If needed try enteric-coated peppermint (don't dissolve in the stomach).


It goes onto headaches, sinusitis, obesity etc and ends with a recap of treatment ideas and useful websites.

All in all - the end result whether you have one symptom or ten is to remove sugar from your diet, drink plenty of water, get the right sleep, supplement if needed and get some basic outdoor exercise wherever you can. I suppose there's really nothing there that we didn't already know but should perhaps try a tiny bit harder to do each day.


I think from all the input we have added here we can conclude that it really does you no harm at all to consider these basic ideas and to just give it a try if you can, even if it is to limit the amount rather than go cold turkey.

I am sleeping better, do feel more energised and have lost a little weight plus my joint pains seem less troublesome so for me it will be somehting I will continue with as best as possible.

May even get my teenage son to swap sugary items out here and there when I can.

Good luck to anyone else who gives this a go and drop a new blog onto the site if you need some encouragment.

Healthy, happy, sugar free eating to all!


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