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Fluctuating T4/TSH levels

Been pottering along for 20 years on levo. Had dose reduced in August as was told T4 was too high. Tested several times since then and the levels seem to vary up and down. Now been summoned back to the specialist as it is too high again. Can anyone help? The only difference I had been doing is that the week before it was last tested I had been following a fairly organised blood sugar balancing diet and taken fish oil, Vitamin D and a Glycemic complex support. I feel better when T4 is higher and I have major problems trying to lose weight. Results as follows

August 2012 t4 22.7 TSH 0.05

Oct 2012 t4 23.5 TSH 0.014

Jan 2013 t4 19 TSH 0.18

Feb 2013 t4 21.3 TSH 0.23

Mar 2013 t4 24.1 TSH 0.05

How on earth can it have gone up again. My doctor is obssessed with the TSH so will no doubt want to reduce it again. I have no symptoms of being over medicated and in fact wuld like to go back to my original dose.

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Before the TSH was used as a diagnosis, patients were dosed according to symptoms till they felt better. Then the TSH blood tests were introduced. Previously patients' doses were between 200mcg - 400mcg and some holistic doctors think we are not given enough these days. In fact many GP's do not know the best way to treat patients. They tell you how well you are by looking at the TSH level. This is a link which is self explanatory and there are other topics at the top of the page which may interest you.

When you post blood test results it is better if you give the ranges too (figures in brackets) as it makes it easier for people to comment upon them as labs differ throughout the country.


Do you get the blood drawn at the same time on each occasion?

The difference in TSH between say, 08:00 in the morning and 16:00 in the afternoon, can be significant. TSH would usually be highest overnight and falls through the day.

I suggest you have a look at a blog:

Also, follow the link in that blog to the actual paper.



Hi I have had very similar blood test results to you, in the past they have checked my FT3 and on my results from the lab it say's " TSH and T4 out of range but FT3 in range so no action results NORMAL".

Last year they stopped testing FT3 and since then I have had similar results for TSH and T4, the doctor now insists that I am hyper and has reduced my medication.

How can the same results for TSH and T4 be okay when the FT3 is checked but not okay when the FT3 is not checked???????

I am completely baffled, to me it's a nonsense and the doctors haven't got a clue.

I ended up really ill with the reduction of my thyroxine and have now had it upped.

When I explained that I have never been free from symptoms since 2001 the doctor said you will never get rid of all the symptoms.WHY??????

I also suffer with very heavy periods and went through a phase of having a period every 3 weeks and the doctor offered me either a hysterectomy or a coil. He's a complete joke Im 44 years of age.



Hi there I totally understand u. R u symptomatic like tired,cold etc.the other thing is u should always check with ur pharmacist that the supplements etc can be taken with Levo. Thanks


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