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Some advice on recent antibody results

Hi All,

firstly I just wanted to say I have been 'lurking' on this forum for a while and have found it very useful! Since taking my levo at night I sleep so well and am a completely different person in the morning! So thank you!

I have just had my bloods back and my antibodes are 1,300 in a normal range of 0.60 (this was not tested last time 3 months ago but in Sept 2011 it was 260). My TSH has come down to 2.93 from 5.60 3 months ago. The doctor has upped my levothyroxine to 50mg (I was started on 25mg 3 months ago).

I am looking for a bit of advise/re-assurance on my antibody levels as this seems extremely high compared to the 'normal range' - should I be worried/asking for anything further to be looed at? At what point do they investigate further/diagnose as potential autoimmune disease? I may be worrying a little more than I need to as my sister has quite a serious autoimmune disease where her antibodies are over producing and attacking her kidneys, she has been on a low dose chemo to try and combat this for over a year. I am reading that autoimmune diseases (although not the same one) can run in the family but my doctor didnt seem bothered by this.

I have all the usual symptomes, tiredness, feeling cold, weight gain (5 stone in 18 months even though I having been eating healthy/exercising), infertility? (been trying for a baby for a year) but the most 'annoying' is a regular (every few days) feeling of someone holding their hand against the lower area od my throat.

Many thanks in advance! :)

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I wonder if you would care to put a comment on the bed-time poll, here:



done :)


Cant help, but I also have very high antibodies, very similar to yours, our lab only measures upto 1K and I'm over. I also have the very tight feeling across my thyroid as you described. Doesnt matter if I'm under medicated, over or just right its always there, but sometimes very noticeable, and causes swallowing difficulties.

Didnt know the antibodies attacked the kidneys though, Ive been having kidney problems since last October (well a lot longer, but far worse since then). Not sure what they do about this if anything. Just handed in yet another sample to get sent for testing yesterday, so too soon to hear back yet. Will be watching to see if anyone else posts.


Hi Ekasuk, i'm no expert, but i think the tight feeling around the thyroid area (mine feels like i've got something gently pushed agains the little nook in the front of my neck, which makes me feel i've got something stuck in my throat inside) is your thyroid working hard. Not sure what it's doing though or whether there's any danger. Mine has been doing this if i take extra selenium. it's also happened in the past if i've taken iodine for a number of days, which i don't do at present. It could be that your thyroid has 'woken' up due to the medication and is working away (stimulated). i would suggest just monitoring the situation. if it gets worse (it might settle as your body balances out) then perhaps see your GP and get the antibody count checked out. i've had very high antibodies in the past, but not had this sensation with them. i was put onto thyroxine, but this didn't agree with me for some strange reason, so i came off it.


Hi Fedupsusie, yes they certainly can attack the kidneys, hers are over producing so their automatic reaction to to attack something, in her case kidneys. Worth looking into as I did also read that those with one autoimmune problem (ie potentially your thyroid ig have high antibodies) could then go on to have others/other parts of body.

Tericotta, thanks for the advice, I have only been on levo 3 months but have been having this feeling for well over a year now so not sure it is linked to the medication. They did suspect I had glandular fever at one point but blood tests came back negative so they said they think I could have had it but passed, this feeling is all around where thyroid is though so I definitely think it is that...will monitor it between now and my next test in 3 months.

My main concern though is my antibodies reading, with it being 1,300, I'm not sure I am understanding it right but the high antibdodies can cause hypothyroidism (not vice versa), being on levo has brought my TSH level down but does it actually stop antibodies rising, this is the bit I can't get my head around, or will they keep rising (have already risen from 260 to 1,300 in 18 months) and if so at what point do they look at it as potentially being an autoimmune disease/Hashimotos...does anyone have any thoughts on this please as mention high antibodes to my parents and they will go into panic mode because of how serious my sisters is, I want to be armed with all answers before telling them!?

I only went to the doctors with a sore throat, I didnt expect to get into this minefield that is thyroid problems, it seems such a struggle with some people to get answers :(


When I had my thyroid checked a couple of years back, my antibody count was through the roof (>6,000). Unfortunately, I don't know what it is at the present, as these weren't tested for when I last had a test a few weeks ago. My TSH reading was high and my T4 was too. But my TSH reading has also in teh past been quite low, so I haven't been convinced that my bloods have been taken at the right time to get consistent readings.

Stress can interfere with the thyroid function (T4 to T3 conversion) and who's to say that antibodies aren't triggered because the thyroid is struggling. They could also be triggered by antigens generally in the bloodstream, introduced by certain foods.


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