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Do I ask for T3 or more T4?

I have always been on t4 I still suffer wih lots of symptoms pins and needles when lying down like circulation isn't good enough,aches and dry eyes actually my eyes are becoming so hooded one of my eyes is really sore

Each time they have upped my dose which is once my Tsh has dropped but my Ft4 stays the same.

I want to see my doctor again but am unsure what to ask for my last test results were

Tsh 0.5 (0.35-5.5)

Ft4 14.7 (10.3-22.7)

Ft3 4.7. (3.5-6.5)

He won't up my dosage on the basis that my Tsh is low.I am worried about this as I have one hand bigger than the other and arm as veins ar bigger one arm and one of the possible complications is the heart becoming enlarged and just worried as I read if you're under treated there is a chance of your heart becoming enlarged just thinking the combination of the two it will be inevitable.

I could scream about it all so frustrated I have no faith in doctors my own mother was never diagnosed with cancer until a visit to A&E where the consultant couldn't believe she'd seen her GP that day as they drained off 20litres of water.

My doctor is good for some things the management of thyroid is not one of them

God bless you all goodnight

Vanessa x

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Hi Well I would say you need both.You could do with a little more T4, assuming you do not feel Ok, also I always need my Free T3 to be near the very top of range, not unusual. However, although I would try ,I doubt a GP will give T3 on those TSH results, as it does lower the TSH a little. You could always ask for a trials or 3 months,, followed by a blood repeat test. if that is the case. A good endo would most likely give you T3 too.I see a good endo and my TSh is so low it is unmeasurable.Encouraging that the GP actually did the Ft 3!

I hope that helps.



Good morning VanessaB

I too only function well on a suppressed TSH level. My T3 is also very top of the range. I was so lucky to be referred & found an endo who listened to how I felt as opposed to blood test results. It definitely sounds as if your meds need adjustment. Push for a referral to see an endo.