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Sorry, I know there has been q&a on here recently about the withdrawal of 25mcg of Eltroxin but I didn't pay much attention -until today when my pharmacy couldn't get it. So, I have a box of Goldsheild eltroxin (exp date 2015) and a box of 25mcg of generic mercury pharma levo. My question is this: why do mercury pharma make generic forms of levo and also Eltroxin if infact the pills are identical in every way? What's the point? I spoke to a woman at customer services at Mercury pharma who couldn't speak good English and couldn't answer my questions. I don't understand why if the pills are all the same that they can put 25mcgs in a generic box but are unable to do so with the branded box. This made me suspicious that the pils are actually manufactured in different places. Can we then believe that the generics are identical? Customer services refused to tell me where the generics and branded are manufactured. Does anyone know? Anyone feel the difference on the 'identical' generic 25mcgs? Also, she tried to push the oral solution, telling me there was 'no trouble' with that.

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It is very, very, very common for pharmaceutical companies to produce identical products in multiple different labels.

Have you looked at the Patient Information Leaflets for both products?

If you do you will be able to see the same manufacturer information, same product marketing authorisation, etc.

TUK have repeatedly asked Mercury Pharma and consistently received the same answer - they are identical.


Hi i also take Eltroxin 150 one day and 125 the next i cant tell the difference between the 25s and the 50s so i use 25s hope that makes sense. i take the eltroxin as each time i was going to the pharmacy there was always different brands by different pharmaceuticals and i would have really severe restless leg it was so bad it was through the day time and the most awful sensations running all down my back and into my leg the shakes were so bad people would stare and i felt so bad about going out any way long story short i too am unable to get my prescription cashed i feel like a junkie going from one chemist to another and i even have them phoning others for me. this past week i have been finishing work early just to get to the chemist before they shut. up until this evening all i was being told was that there was a manufacturing issue.

the chemist i saw this evening explained to me that the reason Eltroxin was being replaced with goldsheild own generic was because the eltroxin was more expensive and i gather this is the only way to compete in the market place. i have agreed with the chemist that i will try them and believe you me if they are just a copy even a good one i will know.

he has told me that they are being manufactured by the same company in the same location just a different name but are identical.

i fully understand that pharmaceuticals that pay for the testing, licensing and branding should charge more than the copy's so why then produce a generic and package it differently why not just sell your branded cheaper.

at this point i have no idea if they have also done this to the 100mg all will become clear with my next prescription

rant over and i hope you also get on with the new look brand


Levothyroxine is not in the same boat as medicines which have more recently had patents expire. However, in regard to a company making two versions (sometimes via a subsidiary), these are sometimes called "Authorized generics" (USA term).

If it is feasible, it might be interesting if someone else could dish out your tablets without you knowing whether they are from a packet with the "Eltroxin" word - or not. (It would be possible for you to work out some way of blinding yourself to which you are taking but might require a bit of thought and effort.) That way, you could avoid the packaging in any way affecting your perception of the effect of the medicine.



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