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Improvements to ThyroidUK HealthUnlocked site

Improvements to ThyroidUK HealthUnlocked site

On Wednesday 16 February, a new improved ThyroidUK.HealthUnlocked site will be launched.

The improvements are mainly a fresher design that's cleaner and easier to navigate. Also some names have been changed to make the functions more obvious:

• Homepage - lets you see instantly all the new activity that's happened on your site.

• Top menu bar - a fresher design with different use of icons.

• “Group Blog” will become “Blogs” and you'll see a general community blog. We will also have a separate Thyroid UK blog where we can blog about news etc.

• You don't have to apply to become a blogger any more as anyone will be able to blog. This will mean, at some point, that the "Blogger" status for those who applied to be bloggers will no long be relevant ie the word "Blogger" will only appear after the user names of Thyroid UK official bloggers.

• “Helpvine” is now “Questions”.

• “Big Question” is now “Polls”.

• “Compare” is now “Hospitals”.

If you have any feedback on the changes, the feedback link is now at the top of the page on the right hand side.

I think that the new look will be much easier to navigate - have fun!

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Lyn, we may need the 'sticky post' feature that most of the USA based sites use.

This feature allows the admins for the specific forum to assign a 'sticky' feature to any blogs that they believe ought to remain visible and not just slip off the list.

I've just posted a blog about books to read as an example. This type of post (only if it turns out to be useful) is often useful to have lying around and visible permanently.

Something to think about and put to them perhaps.



Hi Paul

It is something we have asked for before. I will give them a nudge about it.




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